Nutrition, health & wellbeing

We recognise the important role we can play to help our customers, Partners, suppliers and the communities in which we operate, lead healthier, happier lives. 


The demands on people's time and the impact on their lifestyle is increasingly leading to a rise in societal health challenges, such as rising obesity and mental health issues. As a responsible retailer at the heart of the community, we need to support the health and wellbeing of our Partners and customers.


As trusted experts in nutrition and health and wellbeing, we aim to inspire our customers to make optimum choices through providing healthier products, relevant services, information, and inspiration.  


In order to ensure an improved and balanced offering, we will continue to drive positive change through supporting government product reformulation programmes, consumer health related initiatives, and working collaboratively with research organisations and NGOs.


We’re committed to working with the Government to support their Obesity Strategy and in the prevention of diet related diseases. We do this by improving the nutritional value of our own-brand food, through the gradual reduction of saturated fats, sugar, calories, and salt while increasing beneficial nutrients, such as fibre, and by increasing vegetable, wholegrain and pulse content. We have long supported the Government led reformulation programmes for salt, and more recently sugar and calories. Details of how we are reducing sugar content in our Waitrose own-brand food can be found here


We’re committed to promoting healthier choices in store, in our publications, and online. We can improve the balance of products that we sell through incentives to increase sales of healthier food and drink, by increasing the number of healthier products we offer, and limiting the availability or access to less healthy products as part of our marketing and promotional activities. We also have specific criteria in place restricting specific product promotion and placement at checkouts. 


We are actively involved in the development and implementation of research projects throughout our supply base to improve the nutritional quality of the foods we sell. Alongside collaborators from across academia and industry, we are working towards achieving our Veg Pledge through the Food Foundation’s Peas Please initiative, as well as participation in the IGD’s Healthy and Sustainable Diets working group. We have embedded reformulation into our own label product development processes and look to improve the nutritional profile of foods when new products and ranges launch. 



Our Good Health logo helps customers to make simple, healthier choices. The logo is found on products and recipes that have a nutritional benefit and meet criteria based on current government guidelines for fat, saturated fat, added sugar and salt. We have over 1,600 Good Health products across our assortment, and at least 40% of the recipes that we publish carry the Good Health logo. Find out more


We continue to work with NGOs, government health groups and local organisations to identify and support a programme of initiatives to improve nutrition security through both education and access to healthier food. For example, we have worked with an organisation to deliver healthy recipe boxes to food insecure families local to our Lutterworth Waitrose shop in Leicester, and we’ve worked with the Food Foundation to make the Healthy Start Voucher scheme more accessible to those who need it. 


We’ve also been investing in Partners health and wellbeing since 1929 – 19 years before the NHS – when we introduced free in-house health and medical services to all our Partners. Today, this continues through our Partnership Health Services team and over £20m is invested annually.


Partnership Health Services is a multidisciplinary clinical team which includes occupational health nurses, a doctor, physiotherapist, and a wellbeing clinical lead. The service is not designed to replace the NHS or Partners’ local GP but can provide for free health advice and guidance, specialist support such as physiotherapy, mental wellbeing, podiatry and international business travel health and services such as driver medicals, respiratory and hearing testing and eye care.


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We use the trusted voice of our qualified nutritionist to communicate important public health messages on nutrition, health and wellbeing across our entire estate. We champion the dissemination of evidence-based information via a variety of different communications channels, namely on packaging, in-store, online and within our publications. 


We also have a team of Healthy Eating Specialists on hand in Waitrose shops to help customers to make healthier choices. These unique specialists are a retail first with Association for Nutrition Certified training. For more information and where to find a specialist see here

The Editorial Advisory Board for our Waitrose Health magazine is also made up of leading figures in the nutrition, health and wellbeing arena who oversee the content we publish.