Tackling Modern Slavery

As a purpose-led business that aims to put people and the planet before profit, nothing is more important than upholding the human rights of those who help make and sell our products and services. 


Our Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice (RSCOP) sets out our commitment to workers’ rights and our expectations of our suppliers regarding issues such as pay, working hours, and child labour. It mirrors  the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. Clause one states employment must be freely chosen, with no forced, bonded or involuntary labour. 

The RSCOP is the first point in a journey of continuous improvement within our supply chains, and is supported by strong governance on how we are managing and mitigating the risk of modern slavery and other human rights issues within our supply chains. Embedding both the RSCOP and strong governance of human rights issues in our supply chains is critical to enabling us to meet and exceed our responsibilities as a retailer, and the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.