John Lewis Partnership Trust for Pensions

The John Lewis Partnership Trust for Pensions, commenced in 1942. Membership is available to all permanent Partners working for the John Lewis Partnership.


Privacy notice

The Scheme’s trustee, John Lewis Partnership Pension Trust, is responsible for looking after scheme members’ pension benefits and legally responsible for looking after members’ personal information. The attached privacy notice sets out why and how data is held and processed, what data is held, for how long it is retained and a member’s rights in relation to this data. If you would like a hard copy of this notice or further information please contact Pension Operations at


The Statement of Investment Principles helps you understand the Trustee’s strategy for the pension scheme’s investments. There are two documents here: one for the Defined Contribution section of the scheme, and one for the Defined Benefit section of the scheme.


To help current and former Partners (our members) understand costs and charges for the Defined Contribution section of the John Lewis Pension Scheme, the Trustee has produced a document called a governance statement. In this governance statement, on:

  • Pages 3 and 4 you’ll find details of the costs deducted during the year ended 31 March 2019 in percentage terms for each investment fund.
  • Pages 4 and 5 you’ll find illustrations showing the effect of charges on the value of pension savings.