Diversity and inclusion

The Partnership was formed almost 100 years ago with the principles of humanity and equality for all at its very heart. 

We know that, as we stand where we are today, we have work to do to keep this alive. It needs relentless focus and leadership over many years but we are prepared to take bold action. That’s why we are developing a new Partnership-wide diversity and inclusion plan. 

Our diversity and inclusion plan has to be agile and start with our purpose. It must link to our commitment to become the UK’s most inclusive business – for both our Partners and customers – reflecting and connecting with the diverse communities that we serve. 

Our plan is being informed by data and customer and Partner opinion and is being led by Nikki Humphrey, Executive Director of People. It is also receiving input from our seven internal diversity networks – Gender Equality, Unity, LinkAGES, Pride in the Partnership, Ability, Faith and Belief and Working Parents, as well as the diversity and inclusion sub-group of Partnership Council. We are also working with a third-party specialist and will publish our finalised plan in 2021. In the meantime, some key areas of focus include:


  • Part-time working – We will take what we’ve learned from our new Part-Time Advisory Group and continue to gain knowledge so we can provide greater support to part-time Partners so they can continue to progress within our business.
  • Supporting ethnic minorities – We formed last year the Black Partner Advisory Group, which has made leaps and bounds with the way our business applies actions and processes that support ethinic minorities. We will continue to reach out to more ethnic minority Partners to ensure the steps we take are more inclusive and informed by them.
  • Care-experienced people – As part of our five-year Partnership Plan, we have committed to supporting those who have had experience of the care system by helping them forge a career in the Partnership. We will also explore how to provide mentoring support for those in care.
  • Voluntary Real Living Wage – We will move towards paying all Partners aged 18 and over the voluntary Real Living Wage when we expect to reach over £200m profit. This is different to the legally stipulated National Living Wage, which we already pay.