Always fair

We strive to take a responsible approach to selling products, sourcing raw materials and working with our supply chain partners, because conducting fair business and customer relationships today will help us grow stronger brands for tomorrow.

We source thousands of different own-brand products from the UK and across the world and work with our suppliers and external experts to ensure high standards across our supply chain.



Waitrose & Partners Foundation expands to Senegal and the Gambia

30 UK factories enrolled in John Lewis & Partners’ Better Jobs Programme to promote worker voice and employee engagement through our supply chain

Waitrose & Partners retain Tier 1 status in the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

John Lewis & Partners increases BCI cotton sourcing in fashion to over 40%



We seek to build lasting relationships with our suppliers and set out expectations on issues such as pay, working hours and worker rights in our Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice.

We take a long term view, working with our suppliers to continually raise supply chain standards, manage risks and ultimately, create better jobs for all workers.

We also strongly believe in employee engagement in the workplace and use our expertise and experience as a co-owned business to encourage better worker voice channels in our supply chains.




The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), supporting BCI Farmers, protecting the environment, and working for global change.

We depend on the world’s natural resources for the products we source and sell and we want to ensure that our raw materials are sourced responsibly.

Our ambition is to increase the amount of own-brand products we source and sell while reducing our use of natural  resources and improving the traceability and sustainability of the materials we use to make them.

We prioritise the raw materials we use most and those with the highest environmental risk and work with independent certification bodies and expert organisations to inform our processes, such as the Better Cotton Initiative as part of our sustainable cotton commitment.

The John Lewis Partnership partners with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to improve cotton farming globally. Better Cotton is sourced via a mass balance system. We’re committed to sourcing 50% of the cotton used in John Lewis & Partners own brand products using ‘more sustainable cotton’ by the end of 2020. ‘More Sustainable Cotton’ includes cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative as well as GOTS organic cotton and recycled cotton.



As Partners, we are passionate about every step of the food supply chain - from field to fork. We believe that with the right approach, our food can be a force for good.

We take pride in the long-term relationships we have with the farmers and fishermen who catch, rear and  grow the food we eat and we work with them to ensure the best standards in quality, safety, sustainability and animal welfare through Waitrose & Partners farming partnerships.



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