Waitrose delivery Partner

Our Responsibilities

The Partnership has a written constitution, based on clear and enduring principles, which sets out Partners’ rights and responsibilities, how power is shared and our collective responsibilities to others. Our sector and society are facing significant challenges and are changing fast, so it is more important than ever that as we anticipate and respond to these trends, we stay true to our founding principles.

Societal challenges like climate change and social inequality as well the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals, guide our thinking. Customers continue to expect both excellent quality and clear provenance from the products they buy. They’re aware of the strain that our planet is under and their expectations on retailers to source and sell responsibly are growing.

On these pages and in our 2017/18 Corporate Responsibility Report, you can learn more about how we are responding to these challenges, through our Corporate Responsibility Framework as well as the progress we are making against our aims.