Baaba Sow, Section Manager, Cribbs Causeway and Golden Jubilee Trust volunteer

Our Responsibilities

Welcome to our Corporate Responsibility report 2017. We no longer publish a printed report - instead these 'Our responsibilities' pages provide a detailed annual review of our approach to Corporate Responsibility, the challenges we are addressing and the progress we've made. 

There are far-reaching changes happening in society, the workplace and in the retail market. Technology is changing the workplace, altering the way customers shop, the choices they make and the way retail businesses work. The UK population is getting older, yet diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles are becoming more prevalent. Economic and political uncertainty is putting even greater pressures on global supply chains  and the people that work in them. Natural resources are becoming more fragile. To remain successful, we need to adapt and respond to these trends. Taking a long-term perspective helps us to have a clear view of what we need to do to stay successful in the coming years. These pages set out our thoughts and strategies in response to these trends. 

Our business strategy - It's Your Business 2028 - is designed to position us well for the future. Democratic vitality is our vehicle for success as Partners continue to influence the business at all levels of the Partnership through our democratic structure. To find out more read our Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 (PDF 10.35MB).

Latest Achievements
  • Our Reporting Every year, since 2001, we have publicly reported our Corporate Responsibility performance.
  • Governance Our governance arrangements provide strategic direction and a sound system of internal control.