Duncan Sinclair, Agricultural Manager, Waitrose

Our Responsibilities

The Partnership has long believed that commercial success is directly linked to being a good corporate citizen and our founder's ideals continue to shape our approach to operating responsibly.

Our Constitution sets out our responsibilities to our Partners, to our customers, to the communities and environment in which we operate, and to our suppliers. 

As co-owners of the business, our employees, known as Partners, work hard to address these responsibilities. We are determined to embrace diversity and earn a reputation as an 'employer of distinction' by treating all our Partners with respect, honesty and fairness.

We act with integrity and courtesy and share the rewards and responsibilities of co-ownership. These principles underpin our environmental policies, our involvement with local communities and our approach to responsible sourcing and trading.

Latest Achievements
  • Performance and Reporting Measuring and reporting our CSR progress and performance.
  • Sourcing We and our customers value the strong relationships we build with our suppliers.