John Lewis Customer service and product enquiries

For John Lewis customer service or product enquiries, use the Contact us option on the John Lewis website.

Waitrose Customer service and product enquiries

For Waitrose customer service or product enquiries, visit the help and support pages on the Waitrose website.

Partner Pension enquiries

For all Partner pension enquiries email the John Lewis Partnership pension


Recruitment and Apprenticeships

For enquiries about apprenticeships, recruitment, graduate and work placements, visit the John Lewis Partnership jobs website.

John Lewis potential suppliers

Potential John Lewis product suppliers should follow the instructions on the contact John Lewis page.

Waitrose potential suppliers

Potential Waitrose suppliers should
read the information on the Waitrose website.

Partner and retired Partner enquiries

Partners and retired Partners should refer to information on the Partner intranet.

Partnership card enquiries

If you have an enquiry about the
partnership card, John Lewis insurance or
foreign currency visit the John Lewis Finance website for contact details.

John Lewis Charity Donations

For enquiries about charitable donations, contact the John Lewis Community Liaison Coordinator at your local John Lewis branch.

Waitrose Charity Donations

For enquiries about charitable donations, contact the
Waitrose champion for community giving at your local Waitrose branch.

Ex-Partner enquiries

For queries relating to: Repaying an overpayment, payslips and P60s, tax and NI

For queries relating to: References, policy advice, maternity leave/
long leave etc

Please include you employee number in all correspondance.

Journalist enquiries

If you are a journalist and have an enquiry regarding the John Lewis Partnership, John Lewis and/or
Waitrose contact:

If you have been offered an investment in John Lewis bonds, please go to our Financials page for more information. You are also advised to go to the FCA website ( to check that you are dealing with an authorised firm.

Submit other enquiries here

The registered company address of John Lewis plc is 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN.

Company registration number: 233462.

VAT number: 232457280