Weekly sales figures to 15 June 2019

Partnership trading results for last week (to 15 June) published on Tuesday 18 June 2019.


John Lewis Partnership
Weekly sales
Week 20
2019-20 £218.66m
2018-19 £219.30m
2017-18 £214.460m
John Lewis Partnership
Percentage increase
Week 20 vs 2018-19 -0.3 
weeks 20 vs 2018-19 -0.8
Week 20 vs 2017-18 2.0
20 weeks vs 2017-18 0.5


Waitrose & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 20 vs 2018-19 -2.8
20 weeks vs 2018-19 -0.1
Week 20 vs 2017-18 -2.5
20 weeks vs 2017-18 1.1
Waitrose & Partners
category summary
Week 20 Up to
week 20
Ambient -2.3% -0.5%
Chilled, fruit, veg & hort,
bakery, meat, fish, frozen, dairy
-1.5% 0.4%
Home & general
-8.0% -5.3%

'Sales excluding fuel were 2.6% lower compared to the same period last year which saw warmer weather throughout the week. 

Colder and rainy weather led to sales of warming food, including gravy up 20% and canned soup up 38%. Hot cross buns also had a boost - up 40%.   

Father's Day celebrations led to strong sales of treats, including Heston's Chocolate Scotch Egg. The new Tomahawk steak, a flavoursome cut of beef, also proved popular with shoppers.   

With the cheese counter performing well, up 2.7%, Waitrose & Partners unveiled plans to launch a pilot to raise the expertise of its Partners working on service counters to an even higher level. 

The longer term ambition is to train a further 200 existing Partners over the next two years.  For the butchery course this will include detailed knowledge of a wide range of cuts of meat, cooking techniques and butchery skills. The fishmonger course will again include knowledge of a wide variety of species, sustainability and skilled filleting techniques.'

Rupert Thomas, Commercial  Director, Waitrose & Partners


John Lewis & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 20 vs 2018-19 3.8
20 weeks vs 2018-19 -2.0
Week 20 vs 2017-18 9.7
20 weeks vs 2017-18 -0.5
John Lewis & Partners
category summary
Week 20  Up to
week 20
Fashion 7.6% 2.3%
& Home Technology
-1.3% -5.0%

4.0% -4.0%

'Total sales for the week were up 3.8% on the same week last year.

Fashion sales were up 7.6% and women’s Accessories were up 11.3%. Sales of own brand Fashion were up 7.1%, with new season KIN products performing particularly well, up 47%. Price matching competitors through our Never Knowingly Undersold promise saw Beauty sales go up 26%

Home sales were up 4.0% with  Gifts, Cook and Dine sales up 3.2%. Within this, Gift sales were up 17.1%, driven by customers shopping for Father’s Day. Bedroom and Bathroom sales were also up 5.0% and Home Accessories sales were up 13%.

Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 1.3%. However, sales of Large Electrical products were up 8.0% and sales of headphones were up 54% driven by a new product launch

Last week was also our biggest ever Father's Day week for customers purchasing gift cards, up 24% year-on-year. Within this, gift cards purchased from our third party mall business, were up 43% year-on-year.'     

Laurence Mitchell, Partner & Buying Director, Electrical and Home Technology, John Lewis & Partners.