Weekly sales figures to 11 May 2019

Partnership trading results for last week (to 11 May) published on Tuesday 14 May 2019.


John Lewis Partnership
Weekly sales
Week 15
2019-20 £205.85m
2018-19 £210.16m
2017-18 £202.22m
John Lewis Partnership
Percentage increase
Week 15 vs 2018-19 -2.0
15 weeks vs 2018-19 -0.6
Week 15 vs 2017-18 1.8
15 weeks vs 2017-18 0.6


Waitrose & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 15 vs 2018-19 -3.6
15 weeks vs 2018-19 0.7
Week 15 vs 2017-18 0.5
15 weeks vs 2017-18 1.7
Waitrose & Partners
category summary
Week 15 Up to
week 15
Ambient -2.6 0.2
Chilled, fruit, veg & hort,
bakery, meat, fish, frozen, dairy
-3.4 1.0
Home & general
-11.7 -4.7

'Total sales excluding fuel were down 3.5% for the week, comparing with a much warmer week last year. The cooler weather drove sales of cold weather food and drinks, including hot drinks, soups, and prepared meals. The final days of our Spring Clean promotion in shops led to strong sales of household products, with eco-cleaning ranges proving particularly popular.

This week we've announced our support of the Government's Step up to the Plate pledge, to jointly halve food waste by 2030 through a number of ambitious commitments and challenges. The pledge supports our own food waste targets, which include no fit-to-eat food being wasted in our shops, and donating food before it goes to waste to help feed people in need. We have donated the equivalent of nearly 900,000 meals since partnering with food waste charity FareShare at the beginning of last year.'

Ben Stimson, Partner & Retail Director, Waitrose & Partners


John Lewis & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 15 vs 2018-19 0.6
15 weeks vs 2018-19 -2.9
Week 15 vs 2017-18 4.0
15 weeks vs 2017-18 -1.3
John Lewis & Partners
category summary
Week 15 Up to
week 15
Fashion 0.2 1.6
& Home Technology
3.4 -5.5

-3.3 -5.2

'Total sales for the week were up 0.6% with strong performance in our shops, particularly with the cool, wet weather at the start of the week.

Fashion sales were up 0.2%. Beauty, Wellbeing & Leisure had a strong week with sales up 8.4%. The cooler weather impacted sales of Warm Weather products and Menswear was slightly down as we annualised brand offers that we ran last year.

Home sales were down 3.3%. We saw good performance in Gift, Cook & Dine, particularly earlier in the week when we were running offers and price matching competitor promotions. Outdoor Living sales were down against a record week last year, driven by the difference in weather.   

Electrical and Home Technology sales were up 3.4%. Sales of TVs continue to be strong, up 38% on last year, and we saw good sales of the Dyson V10 and V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. Environmental Care was down 49% against last year’s week of hot weather.'

Maggie Porteous, Partner and Director, Shop Trade, John Lewis & Partners