Weekly sales figures


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Partnership weekly sales figures for last week (to 3 November) published on Tuesday 6 November 2018


Partnership weekly sales graph

Week 14

2018-19 £239.77m
2017-18 £237.14m
2016-17 £241.35m

Percentage increase

Week 14 vs 2017-18 1.1
14 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 14 vs 2016-17
14 weeks vs 2016-17 1.2


Waitrose & Partners

Managing Director: Rob Collins
Retail Director: Ben Stimson

Percentage increase

Week 14 vs 2017-18 0.9
14 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 14 vs 2016-17
14 weeks vs 2016-17 1.4

Sales excluding fuel were up 1% last week, compared with the same period a year ago.

Sales of sourdough rose by 49% last week, with sourdough crumpets also proving popular, up 15%. 

Stone fruit had a particularly strong week with sales up 40%, and blueberry sales increased by 10%.  

Cold medicine sales rose by 17% last week, as the weather turns more wintry.

Mike Sackman,
Partner & IT Director, Waitrose & Partners 

Category Summary Week 14
Up to week 14
Ambient 1.0 -1.5
Chilled, Fruit, Veg & Hort., Bakery, Meat, Fish, Frozen and Dairy 1.4 1.1
Home & General Merchandise -3.3 -3.6


John Lewis & Partners

Managing Director: Paula Nickolds

Percentage increase

Week 14 vs 2017-18 1.4
14 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 14 vs 2016-17
14 weeks vs 2016-17 0.9

Total sales for the week were up 1.4% on the same week last year.

Fashion sales were up 7.6%, noticeably benefitting from the colder weather which boosted sales of all Fashion categories. Womenswear and Menswear sales were up 15.4% and 9.6% respectively. Parents shopping with children during half-term increased sales and total sales of Childrenswear, Nursery and Haberdashery were up 3.1%.

Overall Home sales were up 0.8%. Furniture and Flooring sales were up 3.0% on the same week as last year, and we saw particularly strong sales of beds as customers turned their attention to making their homes ready for winter. Cookshop sales rose by 9% on the back of some price matching on popular brands.

Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 3.8% as we annualised strong sales. However, we saw strong demand for a number of new products including the Dyson Airwrap which launched online and in our shops last week.

Liz Mihell,
Partner & Head of Shop Trade, London and East, John Lewis & Partners

Buying offices Week 14 up to week 14
Fashion 7.6 3.0
Electricals & Home Technology -3.8 0.6
Home 0.8 -4.2