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Partnership weekly sales figures for last week (to 9 June) published on Tuesday 12 June 2018


Partnership weekly sales graph


Week 19

2018-19 £212.02m
2017-18 £207.03m
2016-17 £203.50m


Percentage increase

Week 19 vs 2017-18 2.4
19 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 19 vs 2016-17
19 weeks vs 2016-17 2.8



Managing Director: Rob Collins
Retail Director: Ben Stimson

Percentage increase

Week 19 vs 2017-18 1.4
19 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 19 vs 2016-17
19 weeks vs 2016-17 3.1


Sales excluding fuel were ​1.4% higher than last year.​​  The weather was warmer than expected for many areas of the country, leading to strong sales of summer foods.  

Shoppers bought 27% more barbecue meats than last year, 23% more ice cream, 20% more cider and 14% more beer.  Our gin sales were 16% higher for the week, and we had our biggest ever week for rose wine sales, helped by our 25% off six bottles promotion. 

Building on ​commitment to responsible​ seafood​ sourcing, ​we announced our support for the Global Ghost Gear Initiative ​- working with the industry to help​ ​find solutions to lost or discarded fishing equipment.  Abandoned 'ghost gear', including items such as nets, can potentially harm marine animals and damage the environment.

Mike Sackman
​IT Director, Waitrose

Category Summary Week 19
Up to week 19
Ambient 2.9 2.7
Chilled, Fruit, Veg & Hort., Bakery, Meat, Fish, Frozen and Dairy 2.3 -0.2
Home & General Merchandise 3.7 0.9


John Lewis

Managing Director: Paula Nickolds

Percentage increase

Week 19 vs 2017-18 4.2
19 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 19 vs 2016-17
19 weeks vs 2016-17 2.3


Total sales for the week were up 4.2% on the same week last year, boosted by annualising a General Election and price matching competitor promotions through our Never Knowingly Undersold policy.

Electrical and Home Technology had a very strong week with sales up 12.1%.  We saw standout sales of seasonal electrical items including lawnmowers and air purifiers, as well as TVs and TV stands where sales continued to be up as customers prepared to watch the World Cup which begins this week.

Fashion sales were ahead by 2.8% on the same week last year. Price matching a competitor’s promotion helped drive sales of beauty products up 13% and sales of women’s accessories up 8%.  Own-brand womenswear had another strong week with sales up 4.8%.

Whilst Home sales were down 1.1%, we saw sales of Father’s Day gifts increase, and sales of gin were up 15% on the previous week due to the successful World Gin Day campaign.  Our outdoor living furniture continues to be popular and total sales for furniture and flooring products were up 2.6% on the same week last year.

Liz Mihell 
Head of Shop Trade, London and South East, John Lewis

Buying offices Week 19 up to week 19
Fashion 2.8 1.0
Electricals & Home Technology 12.1 5.9
Home -1.1 -2.7