Weekly sales figures to 28 December 2019

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Partnership trading results for last week (to 28 December) published on Tuesday 31 December 2019.
 Our seven week Christmas trading update will be published on 9 January 2020.

John Lewis Partnership
Weekly sales
Week 48
2019-20 £299.26m
2018-19 £279.62m
2017-18 £251.82m
John Lewis Partnership
Percentage increase
Week 48 vs 2018-19 7.0
48 weeks vs 2018-19 -1.2
Week 48 vs 2017-18 18.8
48 weeks vs 2017-18 -0.7


Waitrose & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 48 vs 2018-19 18.8
48 weeks vs 2018-19 -0.8
Week 48 vs 2017-18 41.3
48 weeks vs 2017-18 -0.3
Waitrose & Partners
category summary
Week 48 Up to
week 48
Ambient 21.2 -0.6
Chilled, fruit, veg & hort,
bakery, meat, fish, frozen, dairy
18.8 -0.4
Home & general
4.3 -5.5

Total Waitrose & Partners sales excluding fuel were 18.9% higher than the same week last year. These figures are heavily distorted by the fall of Christmas, particularly the inclusion of December 22nd, one of our peak trading days, which fell in the previous week in 2018. A full picture of our Christmas sales will be given when we report our Christmas trading figures on January 9th.

Party food and desserts were popular amongst shoppers. Sales of mince pies were significantly up in comparison to last year, with the Waitrose & Partners No.1 mince pies proving to be a customer favourite. Deli products were also enjoyed by shoppers with ham and pâté both up 85%. 

Brown paper packaging was also at the top of customers' shopping lists as they wrapped their gifts and posted their parcels. Sales were up 800% in comparison to last year.  

As customers celebrated with family and friends over the festive period, sales of wine and spirits were up 24% and 30% respectively. 


John Lewis & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 48 vs 2018-19 -4.1  
48 weeks vs 2018-19 -1.6
Week 48 vs 2017-18 0.3
48 weeks vs 2017-18 -1.4
John Lewis & Partners
category summary
Week 48 Up to
week 48
Fashion 5.8 1.1
& Home Technology
-14.5 -3.7
-5.3 -2.5

Despite a busy few days in the run up to Christmas, a slower than usual start to Clearance promotions saw a dip in sales for the week of 4.1%.

The week was a positive one for Fashion which were up 5.8% and last minute Christmas shopping saw sales of beauty up 36%, jewellery up 27% and women’s nightwear up 22%.  

However, Home sales were down 5.3% despite customers shopping for last minute stationary and gift food in the run up to Christmas and Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 14.5% due to slower demand for Clearance promotions.