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Partnership weekly sales figures for last week (to 19 May) published on Tuesday 22 May 2018


Partnership weekly sales graph


Week 16

2018-19 £202.73m
2017-18 £203.43m
2016-17 £203.06m


Percentage increase

Week 16 vs 2017-18 -0.3
16 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 16 vs 2016-17
16 weeks vs 2016-17 2.8



Managing Director: Rob Collins
Retail Director: Ben Stimson

Percentage increase

Week 16 vs 2017-18 3.2
16 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 16 vs 2016-17
16 weeks vs 2016-17 3.2

Divisional sales excluding fuel were up 3.3% compared to the same week last year.

The combination of a royal wedding, cup final and good weather proved the perfect match for people to socialise and celebrate the festivities together. With the sun shining sales of rosé bloomed 68% and, confirming the nation was in celebratory mood, sales of Champagne were up 33%.

Customers were also adding floral flourishes to their homes with a strong week for our horti range, led by seasonal bouquets and seasonal favourites such as peonies.

Wim van Aalst
Supply Chain Director, Waitrose

Category Summary Week 16
Up to week 16
Ambient 3.0 2.8
Chilled, Fruit, Veg & Hort., Bakery, Meat, Fish, Frozen and Dairy 3.6 -0.3
Home & General Merchandise 3.7 0.6


John Lewis

Managing Director: Paula Nickolds

Percentage increase

Week 16 vs 2017-18 -6.3
16 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 16 vs 2016-17
16 weeks vs 2016-17 2.2

Total sales for the week were down 6.3%. We saw good sales at the start of the week but weekend sales were impacted by the hot weather and customers turning their attention to the weekend's celebrations.

Home sales were down 8%. Upholstery had a strong start to the week, and furniture and flooring sales were up 1.5% as customers continued to buy outdoor furniture. We experienced extremely strong demand for royal wedding memorabilia and partyware from customers and tourists who celebrated the occasion.  

Fashion sales were down 8%. However, women’s accessories were up 2.7% and womenswear own brand fashion sales were up 7%.  

Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 0.8%.  Sales of electrical products were up 1.4% with notably strong demand for DIY products. Sales of TVs and fans continue to be up due to the warm weather and customers planning to watch the royal wedding and FA Cup final.

Mark Felix
Director Online Trade, John Lewis

Buying offices Week 16 up to week 16
Fashion -8.0 1.1
Electricals & Home Technology -0.8 5.4
Home -8.0 -3.0