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Partnership weekly sales figures for last week (to 14 July) published on Tuesday 17 July 2018


Partnership weekly sales graph


Week 24

2018-19 £214.39m
2017-18 £215.63m
2016-17 £209.68m


Percentage increase

Week 24 vs 2017-18 -0.6
24 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 24 vs 2016-17
24 weeks vs 2016-17 3.1



Managing Director: Rob Collins
Retail Director: Ben Stimson

Percentage increase

Week 24 vs 2017-18 3.2
24 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 24 vs 2016-17
24 weeks vs 2016-17 4.0


Total sales excluding fuel were 3.3% higher than last year. The warm weather and sporting events led to strong sales of foods suited to entertaining and spending time outdoors.  

This included our ranges of beer and cider, which saw a boost of 39% and 28% respectively. Shoppers also bought 27% more gin and 135% more ice cubes.

To eat, highlights included barbecue meats, which were up by 40%, salads - up by 11% - and our World Deli range saw sales 34% higher.

Over the week we sold 38% more rosé wine than the same week last year.  We announced the launch of a frozen rosé ice lolly last week in to shops to meet the trend for ​'frosé' - the lollies are made with a blend of Classic Mirabeau rosé wine and strawberry essence. 

Wim van Aalst​
Supply Chain Director, Waitrose

Category Summary Week 24
Up to week 24
Ambient 3.5 3.0
Chilled, Fruit, Veg & Hort., Bakery, Meat, Fish, Frozen and Dairy 3.8 0.4
Home & General Merchandise -0.9 0.5


John Lewis

Managing Director: Paula Nickolds

Percentage increase

Week 24 vs 2017-18 -6.2
24 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 24 vs 2016-17
24 weeks vs 2016-17 1.8


Total sales for the week were down 6.2% with the continued hot weather and the sporting events last week impacting sales. 

Fashion sales were down 3.5%. However womenswear had a good week with sales up 5.6%. Own-brand was a particular standout, up 29.4%, with the new collection from Kin up 103%. Elsewhere, warm weather clothing continued its good performance with sales up 14%. 

Home sales were down 11.0%. However, summer merchandise had a strong week, seeing sales rise by 11%, and outdoor furniture continues to perform well, up 9%. Hydration, which includes reusable water bottles, saw an uplift of 24% and beach towels were up 23% as customers prepare to head off on their summer holidays. 

EHT sales were down 4.6%, although Vision continues to perform well, driven by sales of TVs. Small electricals had another good week, driven by cooling and air purifiers. Also floorcare such as vacuum cleaners performed well due to new product launches.    

Jon Williams 
Director, Merchandising Operations, John Lewis

Buying offices Week 24 up to week 24
Fashion -3.5 1.1
Electricals & Home Technology -4.6 4.3
Home -11.0 -3.9