Weekly sales figures to 08 June 2019

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Partnership trading results for last week (to 08 June) published on Tuesday 11 June 2019.


John Lewis Partnership
Weekly sales
Week 19
2019-20 £214.72m
2018-19 £213.74m
2017-18 £206.90m
John Lewis Partnership
Percentage increase
Week 19 vs 2018-19 0.5
weeks 19 vs 2018-19 -0.8
Week 19 vs 2017-18 3.8
19 weeks vs 2017-18 0.4


Waitrose & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 19 vs 2018-19 -3.0
19 weeks vs 2018-19 0.0
Week 19 vs 2017-18 -0.3
19 weeks vs 2017-18 1.3
Waitrose & Partners
category summary
Week 19 Up to
week 19
Ambient -3.9% -0.4%
Chilled, fruit, veg & hort,
bakery, meat, fish, frozen, dairy
-0.8% 0.5%
Home & general
-5.6% -5.2%

'Total sales excluding fuel were down 2.9% compared to the same week last year, as we continue to annualise against the warmer temperatures this time last year. However, we saw good growth in a number of categories.    

Sales of regionally produced alcohol continue to perform well with gin sales up up 56%, beer up 73% and local cider up 304%.

Champagne and sparkling wine sales increased by 71% and 11% respectively supported by strong promotional activity, whilst sales of Waitrose 1 boxed chocolates were up by more 40% and cupcake sales were up 69%. 

Customers bought food and drink more commonly associated with colder temperatures with soup sales up 13%, gravy up 14% and sales of our slow cooked dishes up by 82%.  

We also had a positive response to the first week of 'Waitrose Unpacked' where we are testing the customer appetite for a series of ideas designed to reduce packaging at our BotleyRoad shop in Oxford.'

Martin George, Customer Director, Waitrose & Partners 


John Lewis & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 19 vs 2018-19 6.7
19 weeks vs 2018-19 -2.3
Week 19 vs 2017-18 11.2
19 weeks vs 2017-18 -1.0
John Lewis & Partners
category summary
Week 18 Up to
week 18
Fashion 14.8% 2.0%
& Home Technology
0.9% -5.2%

3.1% -4.5%

'Total sales for the week were up 6.7% on last year with competitor price matching driving sales, especially in Fashion and Beauty.

Fashion sales were up 14.8% with standout performances in own-brand, up 7.7%. Within own brand, Women's Accessories had a great week, up 15.4%, and Menswear sales were up 8% on last year.

Home sales were up 3.1% following strong sales in Textiles and Home accessories, up 4.9% on last year. In the run-up to Father's Day, we also saw strong sales in Gifting, up 20.7%.

Electrical and Home Technology sales were up 0.9% with strong demand from new product launches in Audio and also good Mobile product sales.'

Sienne Veit, Partner & Digital Director, John Lewis & Partners