26 June 2018


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Partnership weekly sales figures for last week (to 23 June) published on Tuesday 26 June 2018


Partnership weekly sales graph


Week 21

2018-19 £226.77m
2017-18 £228.59m
2016-17 £222.01m


Percentage increase

Week 21 vs 2017-18 -0.8
21 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 21 vs 2016-17
21 weeks vs 2016-17 2.9



Managing Director: Rob Collins
Retail Director: Ben Stimson

Percentage increase

Week 21 vs 2017-18 0.2
21 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 21 vs 2016-17
21 weeks vs 2016-17 3.4


Divisional sales excluding fuel were up 0.2% compared to the same week last year. The early part of the week faced tough comparatives as a result of hot weather this time last year. However trade accelerated significantly as temperatures soared towards the weekend.

Despite the mixed bag of weather, horticulture performed strongly seeing sales rise by 8%. Houseplants were popular up 28% and outdoor plant sales boosted 15%.

Beers, wines, spirits and tobacco had a good week with sales up 2.4%. Wine performed particularly well up 7% with sparkling wine saw an uplift of 28%.

The week saw British cherries available in shops and the launch of two vegetable cheesecakes: avocado and lime and beetroot and raspberry. Wine in recyclable cans are also now available on shelves.

Rupert Thomas  
Commercial Director, Waitrose

Category Summary Week 21
Up to week 21
Ambient 2.1 2.6
Chilled, Fruit, Veg & Hort., Bakery, Meat, Fish, Frozen and Dairy -0.2 -0.2
Home & General Merchandise -5.1 0.4


John Lewis

Managing Director: Paula Nickolds

Percentage increase

Week 21 vs 2017-18 -2.2
21 weeks vs 2017-18
Week 21 vs 2016-17
21 weeks vs 2016-17 2.1

Total sales for the week were down 2.2% on the same week last year.  ‘Clearance’ got off to a good start but sales slowed at the weekend due to the hot weather.

Home sales were down 3.7%.  However, in the coming weeks we expect to see a rise in sales of upholstery products as our ‘special buy’ offers helped drive orders up 35%. Clearance also drove good sales of lighting products and beds which were up 19% and 7.5% respectively.  Gifts, Cook and Dine sales were up 4.0%.

Fashion sales were down 0.1%. Women’s accessories continue to be up with sales growing 6.8% compared to the same period last year.  Sales of new season womenswear products were up 4% and we also saw strong demand for beauty appointments which were up 20.8%.

Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 3.4%.  Sales of TVs continued to be up with large screen TVs selling particularly well. Strong offers drove sales of vacuum cleaners and mobile phones up.

Sienne Veit,
Product Director, John Lewis

Buying offices Week 21 up to week 21
Fashion -0.1 1.4
Electricals & Home Technology -3.4 5.4
Home -3.7 -2.7