Weekly sales figures to 06 July 2019

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Partnership trading results for last week (to 06 July) published on Tuesday 09 July 2019.


John Lewis Partnership
Weekly sales
Week 23
2019-20 £221.67m
2018-19 £226.46m
2017-18 £216.98m
John Lewis Partnership
Percentage increase
Week 23 vs 2018-19 -2.1 
23 weeks vs 2018-19 -0.9
Week 23 vs 2017-18 2.2
23 weeks vs 2017-18 2.0


Waitrose & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 23 vs 2018-19 -4.2
23 weeks vs 2018-19 -0.5
Week 23 vs 2017-18 2.9
23 weeks vs 2017-18 3.7
Waitrose & Partners
category summary
Week 23 Up to
week 23
Ambient  -5.9  -4.9
Chilled, fruit, veg & hort,
bakery, meat, fish, frozen, dairy
 -2.3  -4.0
Home & general
 -5.5  -9.0

'Sales excluding fuel were 4.1% lower compared to the same period last year.

Customers enjoyed making cocktails as ready-made mixes and garnishes had a strong week. Spirits, cider and soft drinks also performed well, with alcohol-free cider and lager proving particularly popular with online shoppers.

Sales of seasonal flowers also grew, driven by bunches of stocks and peonies.  

Waitrose also announced it would be the first retailer to sell Foie Royale. The innovative product is made from free range goose and duck livers and tastes almost identical to Foie Gras but is made ethically and without cruelty.'

Wim Van Aalst, Partner and Supply Chain Director, Waitrose & Partners



John Lewis & Partners
Percentage increase
Week 23 vs 2018-19 1.3
23 weeks vs 2018-19 -1.6
Week 23 vs 2017-18 1.0
23 weeks vs 2017-18 -0.8
John Lewis & Partners
category summary
Week 23  Up to
week 23
Fashion 6.2 2.7
& Home Technology
-3.2 -4.4

0.5 -3.7

'Total sales for the week were up 1.3% as customers continued to enjoy shopping summer Clearance.

Fashion sales were up 6.2%, driven by sales of Beauty, Wellbeing and Leisure which were up 12.4%. Price matching competitor beauty promotions drove Beauty sales up by 17.6% on the same week last year. Menswear sales were up 9.8% and Womenswear Accessories were also up 6.6%.

Home sales were up 0.5%, with Textiles and Home Accessories sales up 2.3% on the same period last year. Gift Food sales were up 11.4% driven by sales of confectionery and alcohol. 

Electrical and Home Technology sales were down 3.2%, however Communications Technology sales were up 4.7% on the same period last year. Personal Care sales were up 50%, driven by the launch of the Dyson Airwrap Complete.'

Bérangère Michel, Partner and Operations Director, John Lewis & Partners