Golden Jubilee Trust

Volunteering is just one of the ways that our Partners can contribute to the communities we operate in and we believe that this not only benefits the community but also has a lasting, positive effect on Partner wellbeing.

Partner who is on a GJT secondment with the Samaritans, in a charity shop
We partnered with Samaritans on 20 GJT secondments, focussing on sharing our knowledge and experience with the charity's retail arm.

The Golden Jubilee Trust is our flagship volunteering programme. As a registered charity, it was set up in 2000 to celebrate the Partnership’s Golden Jubilee. The Trust has two main aims:

  • To give Partners the opportunity to work for a charity of their choice while continuing to receive full pay and benefits.
  • To give UK registered charities access to skilled Partners for free, supporting them with practical help


In 2017/18, over 21,000* hours were awarded to over 40 charities. Since 2000, over 800 charities have been awarded 333,000 hours of our Partners’ time. 

This year, we partnered with Samaritans, for the first time , on 20 GJT secondments, beginning in Spring 2018, which will focus on sharing our knowledge and experience with the charity’s retail arm to improve the charity’s retail proposition.

The Partnership has a longstanding relationship with Samaritans through Partner Support mental health services, but this is the first time that the GJT has offered a combined set of secondments with a national reach and the level of interest from Partners was unprecedented.

Partner Experience

We spoke to  Partners and charities about their experience of the Golden Jubilee Trust programme. Partners  specifically reported  a positive  impact on their  ability to adapt to challenging and new situations.  Charities reported that, a year after the secondment was completed, the volunteer's contribution resulted in a really positive impact for the community.

Mel worked with the St Mary Abbots Employment Project, which promotes mental health wellbeing through purposeful activity, offering volunteering, training, drop in services and social activities. The centre supports people in their journey to recovery.

'My secondment focused on my skills in visual merchandising and creative floristry talents,' says Mel.  'I actively supported and developed the volunteers who operate the charity's flower stall, helping to increase sales.'  

Building a mental health garden was also a focus for Mel, which will provide a new environment for the charity to run mindfulness based sessions which local residents will be able to access free of charge.