Transforming lives

We cannot change the fortune of each and every person on this planet but, as our Constitution directs, the Partnership can support the needs of those whom our business impacts.      

Whether that's through improving the health and wellbeing of our Partners and society as a whole, providing funding to programmes that support communities, or by widening opportunities through creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Progress highlights

In 20 years, our unique volunteering programme - The Golden Jubilee Trust - has given practical help to over 900 charities across the UK. In 2019/20, 31,000 Partner hours were seconded

Over £4 million donated to charities local to our shops through our joint Community Matters schemes in 2019/20

Over 2,000 Partnership people managers participated in mental health awareness workshops in 2019/20

7 diversity networks voluntarily run by Partners to give other Partners a supportive platform to share stories, meet like minded individuals, and learn from each other



Our commitment to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities where we operate is enshrined in our Constitution and we want to ensure that we play our part in helping to create thriving, vibrant communities. This may be via monetary donations, as gifts ‘in kind’, or through Partner volunteering hours. For example, in inner cities, local shops may opt to support charities focusing on homelessness or youth engagement and employability whilst at national level we continue to address critical issues, such as food poverty, via our relationships with FareShare and the Trussell Trust.

We provide support and opportunities for our Partners to volunteer their time and skills to causes they care about. This includes an opportunity to volunteer at a UK registered charity of their choice, for up to six months on secondment, while on full Partnership pay and benefits through our unique flagship volunteering programme, The Golden Jubilee Trust.

We support local communities through our Community Matters schemes, through which John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners donate money to local causes chosen by customers. In 2019/20, over £4 million was donated to charities local to our shops.

We also continue with the great work of our John Lewis & Partners Foundation and Waitrose & Partners Foundation. Read here for more information.


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We are proud of our long history of recognising the importance of Partners health and wellbeing. Our in-house health service was created in 1929 and provided free healthcare to all Partners almost 20 years before the NHS. Today this continues and we have Partner Support which is a listening service for all Partners experiencing difficulties in their working or personal lives, providing confidential emotional, practical and financial support. And our Partnership Health Services today features support from occupational health nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, a doctor and access to counsellors and cognitive behavioural therapists. We now have a bold ambition to become Britain’s Healthiest Workplace by 2025. 

We have a team committed to improving the nutritional value of our own-brand food, enabling both our Partners and customers to make healthier choices. We are doing this through the gradual reduction of saturated fats, sugar, and salt while increasing beneficial nutrients, such as fibre, by increasing vegetable, wholegrain and pulse content. Through engagement with the Food Foundation Veg Pledge initiative, we will increase the number of portions of vegetables in our customers’ baskets through product reformulation, inspirational recipes, and promotions. We’re also supporting the Government Childhood Obesity Plan through reformulation, portion size and promotions.

Find out more about Waitrose Good Health here.

Find out more about how we are reducing sugar content in our Waitrose own-brand food here



The John Lewis Partnership was formed with equality for all at its very heart and we know we still have work to do to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Our vision is to be the UK’s most inclusive business for all our Partners and customers, reflecting and connecting the diverse communities that we serve. We want Partners from all walks of life to feel valued for their individuality, thrive in our business and share a sense of belonging, as reflected by our values

We must be transparent in sharing our data, progress, initiatives, what's working and what's not and be open to constructive feedback; learn from others and adapt our approach; and we must ensure our diversity networks continue to grow and remain relevant. 

We have a long-term goal to significantly reduce our gender and ethnicity pay gaps by developing new approaches, and to achieve equal representation across all job levels. Read more in our Be Yourself. Always report which also encompasses our gender pay gap report.




Read about our unique Partner volunteering programme.



Learn more about how John Lewis and Waitrose support local communities.


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