Source and Sell with Integrity

Giving our customers confidence in the products we sell and the way we sell them, increasing transparency and how products have been grown, sourced and made. Because conducting fair business and customer relationships today will help us grow stronger brands tomorrow.

The Better Cotton Initiative logo
The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), supporting BCI Farmers, protecting the environment, and working for global change.'

People & supply chains

Our democratic approach gives our Partners a clear voice in how our business is run. We promote the importance of employee engagement through our supply chains, which we believe will help lead to better jobs. We work with suppliers to raise standards, improve working conditions and create satisfying employment.

Raw materials & sustainable sourcing

We have ambitions to increase the amount of own-brand products we source and sell while improving the traceability and sustainability of natural resources used to make them. We have made considerable progress, however, there is still more to do.

We work with expert consultancies and independent third party certification bodies to inform our processes and provide guidance for suppliers and buyers.

Cotton for example is one of the most significant raw materials we use, both in terms of volume and the environmental and social risks associated with it. As part of our commitment to sourcing sustainable cotton, we are members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which is a not-for-profit organisation who exists to ‘make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future.’ Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products, however, BCI Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we source. More information can be found at

Farming & food

From field to fork, we’re striving to meet our customers’ expectations in the products they buy from us. We have strong, long-term partnerships with farmers and we’re committed to working with them to drive sustainable food systems. Regulatory compliance is important, but we go above and beyond to deliver quality food and make it easy for customers to make a healthy choice.