Our Reporting

As an employee-owned business we operate democratically.  We also aim to extend the principles of fairness, openness and transparency to our broad range of stakeholders outside the business.  Every year, since 2001, we have publicly reported our Corporate Responsibility performance and provided information about how we manage our most important social and environmental issues. 

Our archived reports can be found in the 'Report Archive' tab below. For 2017-18 we have produced a Corporate Responsibility report, reviewing our performance and management to the year ended 27 January 2017, unless otherwise stated. Here we focus on our activities, progress and highlights at sites under our operational control. Sites operated by shops under licence or by franchisees (both overseas and Welcome Break franchises) are excluded from this scope.


Independent Assurance

We engaged KPMG LLP to undertake an independent limited assurance engagement, reporting to the Partnership, over selected information included in our Corporate Responsibility report for the year ended 26 January 2018.

We have marked this information with the symbol [*] in our Corporate Responsibility report. KPMG also assured the description of our internal review process below. KPMG used the assurance standard ISAE 3000 and, for greenhouse gas information, ISAE 3410. 

KPMG has provided an unqualified opinion on the selected information and process descriptions.

The level of assurance provided for a limited assurance engagement is substantially lower than a reasonable assurance engagement. In order to reach its opinion KPMG performed a range of procedures, including interviews with management, consideration of reporting systems, site visits to and testing at a number of our locations and testing of the aggregated selected information. A summary of the work KPMG performed is included within its assurance opinion.

Non-financial performance information and greenhouse gas quantification in particular, is subject to more inherent limitations than financial information. 


Internal Review

For the remaining information within our Corporate Responsibility  report, the Partnership’s Group Corporate Responsibility team (the ‘team’) determines which assertions are deemed to be high risk, or to have an inherent high risk of error and-or impact on reputation if mis-stated. The team then carries out testing which includes a range of evidence-gathering procedures. For some assertions this might be limited to making enquiries of other Partners, while for some it may include corroborating information with third-party documentation, or recalculating data sets.

Where the team is unable to obtain what they consider appropriate corroborating evidence, the assertion is not published or amendments are made where evidence contradicts the assertion.