Our approach

At the John Lewis Partnership, we have a different way of doing business. Our Partnership model was, and still is, an experiment in industrial democracy, showing that long term commercial success can come from co-ownership.

We have a written constitution, based on clear and enduring principles, which sets out Partners' rights and responsibilities, how power is shared and our collective responsibilities to others. Our sector and society are facing significant challenges and are changing fast, so it is more important than ever that as we anticipate and respond to these trends, we stay true to our founding principles.

Societal challenges like climate change and social inequality as well the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals, guide our thinking. Customers continue to expect both excellent quality and clear provenance from the products they buy. They're aware of the strain that our planet is under and their expectations on retailers to source and sell responsibly are growing.

It's against this backdrop that we've built our Corporate Responsibility framework, which directly supports the Partnership's business plan. We have three overarching commitments:

  • Source and sell with integrity - We give our customers confidence in the products we sell and they way we sell them. We increase transparency in how products have been grown, sourced and made, because conducting fair business and customer relationships today will help us grow stronger brands for tomorrow.
  • Unlock Partner potential - We create a diverse and inclusive culture, while nurturing our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the communities around us, because the future of our business depends on us, as Partners, reaching our full potential.
  • Deliver more with less - We innovate to use natural resources as efficiently as possible and reduce our environmental impact and emissions, because by delivering more with less, we'll protect our long-term financial sustainability.


These commitments unite John Lewis and Waitrose around shared goals, while giving the flexibility to respond in a way that's right for each business.

Within each area, we are looking to innovate and create genuine impact, building on the core programmes that enable us to responsibly manage our day-to-day operations and key risks.

While we may not always get it right, we'll challenge ourselves and hold each other to account. As co-owners of the business it's our Partners who will meet the challenge and make the difference.

Download our Corporate Responsibility framework (PDF 2.47MB)

John Lewis Partnership CR Framework