Training and development

We want every Partner at every level of the business to be able to fulfil their potential at work, by taking on new challenges or developing a management career.
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Training to give the best customer service

We are committed to being a great place to get into work and get on in life and we are leading the way in our approach to developing our Partners. Our commitment to lifelong learning and developing Partners' skills and knowledge is enshrined in Rule 56 of the Partnership’s Constitution. We believe this is key to the success of the Partnership, not only to ensure Partners are reaching their full potential, but also to be able to respond to the changes we are seeing in the retail industry.

The learning journey of a Partner starts with a comprehensive induction programme, and continues during Partners careers through a range of vocational training opportunities, appraisals and access to a variety of learning resources. Customer service skills are our first priority because only through delivering excellent service can we maintain our position as a leading retailer. Partners receive regular feedback on performance, and are appraised formally each year against a framework of behaviours.

Progression and career development

The Partnership wants to provide long-term satisfying careers for Partners. Developing the performance and capability of our Partners to support them to progress their pay and their career is a core strategic focus for our business through to 2028. Partners are encouraged to fulfil their potential by taking on new challenges. To achieve this the Partnership:

  • promotes suitably qualified Partners into vacancies rather than recruiting newcomers
  • encourages changes of responsibility on a trial basis if necessary
  • helps Partners to learn as much as they can about the Partnership and our activities
  • provides knowledge and training to help Partners grow their skills and capabilities, and encourages Partners general education and interests in fields not directly related to their work.

Management Training Schemes

Across the Partnership, high-calibre managers are crucial to maintaining our position as one of the UK's leading retailers.

Our managers come from a wide variety of backgrounds – school and college leavers, graduates, experienced retailers, career switchers and those returning to work after a break. We aim to have a training scheme that will suit everyone.

Apprenticeship programmes

We're investing more in apprenticeships across the Partnership than ever before and have an ambition to enrol thousands of new learners by 2020. We offer a broad range of high quality apprenticeships across the Partnership, from hospitality to LGV driving and IT. Our focus is on using apprenticeships to build the skills of our existing Partners to provide opportunities for them to progress, whatever stage they’re at in their career with us. We do recruit new starters on to some apprenticeship programmes. These opportunities are advertised on the JLPjobs website.

Apprenticeships are a valuable way of combining formal study with the experience of learning on-the-job. As a Partner, an apprenticeship can help you to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours to unlock your potential and progress in the business. They can help you build your performance and contribution, and accelerate your pay progression. They can help you take that next step forward in your personal development or even leap into a brand new area of the business supporting an exciting career change.