This report reflects on our achievements, challenges and progress against our commitments over the past year and our plans for the future

At a glance

An overview of our achievements and challenges

Chairman's statement

Sir Charlie Mayfield's introduction


How does the Partnership model encourage collaboration?

A Partnership approach

How is employee ownership key to the Partnership's success?

Bringing Quality to Life

What is Bringing Quality to Life about?

The Waitrose way

What is the Waitrose way?

Our stakeholders

How does the Partnership engage with its stakeholders?


How does the Partnership ensure it lives up to the Founder's values?

Reporting and assurance

Why does the Partnership report?


How is the Partnership encouraging customers to make more positive choices?

Sustainable choices

How does the Partnership make it easier for customers to make sustainable choices?

Health and nutrition

How does Waitrose help customers to live healthier lifestyles?


How does the Partnership manage environmental and social issues in the supply chain?

Local sourcing

How does the Partnership support UK design, manufacturing and agriculture?

Improving workers' lives

How can the Partnership stimulate change for workers in the supply chain?

Food quality and safety

Why is food traceability fundamental to the way Waitrose sources?

Raw materials

What is the Partnership doing to source raw materials sustainably?


How is the Partnership managing its environmental footprint?


How does the Partnership build energy efficiency into its operations?


What is the next step for the Partnership in managing water usage?


How can continuous improvements be made in refrigeration?

Climate change

What is the Partnership doing to tackle climate change?

Responsible development

How does the Partnership develop its estate in a responsible way?


How does the Partnership take ownership of its waste?


What is the Partnership doing to reduce fuel-related transport emissions?

Packaging - Waitrose

How does Waitrose minimise the environmental impacts of packaging?

Packaging - John Lewis

How does John Lewis use innovation to reduce the impacts of packaging?


Why do 82 per cent of Partners recommended the Partnership as a great place to work?

Work experience

How does the Partnership ensure it is supporting priority groups?

Health, safety and wellbeing

How do the Partnership health services support a productive workplace?

Our Partner strategy

How can the Partnership ensure that people work together as effectively as possible to grow the business?

Diversity and inclusion

How does a diverse workforce create commercial advantage?

Career development

How does the Partnership make Partners' roles meaningful, engaging and satisfying?


How does volunteering benefit the business?


How does the Partnership contribute to the well-being of communities where it operates?

Community investment

How does the Partnership respond to the needs of local communities?

Charitable foundations

How do the Partnership Foundation projects encourage supplier communities to thrive?

Bringing Quality to Life

In John Lewis we are bringing quality to life every day, in simple important ways through:

  • a better way of doing business
  • encouraging sustainable living
  • engaging with our communities

The Waitrose way

Is championing British produce

Is treading lightly on the environment

Is responsible sourcing

Is treating people fairly

Is building long-term relationships

Is helping people live healthily

This is, and always will be, the Waitrose way.