Presentation of the John Lewis Partnership unaudited results for year ending 26 January 2013

08 March 2013

On Thursday 7 March 2013 the Chairman, Finance Director and Managing Directors of Waitrose and John Lewis gave a presentation of the unaudited results for year ending 26 January 2013 to journalists and analysts. Watch the presentations given to analysts by selecting the relevant link below.


Charlie Mayfield's opening presentation
(3:02 minutes)

Finance Director

Helen Weir's presentation
(8:06 minutes)


Managing Director, Waitrose

Mark Price's presentation
(11:44 minutes)

Managing Director, John Lewis

Andy Street's presentation
(7:01 minutes)



Charlie Mayfield's concluding remarks
(3:12 minutes)

Question and answer session
(35:06 minutes)


Further information

Read the press release - Results for the year ended 26 January 2013.