Weekly sales figures


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Waitrose weekly sales figures for last week (to 12 April 2014) published on Thursday 17 April 2014

Managing Director: Mark Price
Retail Director: Rob Collins

Waitrose weekly sales graph

Week 11

2014-15 £124.24m
2013-14 £115.52m
2012-13 £94.55m


Percentage increase (excluding petrol)

Week 11 to 12 April 2013-14 8.3
11 weeks to 12 April 2013-14 5.2

Percentage increase (including petrol)

Week 11 to 12 April 2013-14 7.5
11 weeks to 12 April 2013-14 4.3
Week 11 to 12 April 2012-13 31.4
11 weeks to 12 April 2012-13 13.9


Baking proves a popular holiday activity 

The school break, preparation for Easter and the sun combined to generate another excellent week with sales (excluding petrol) up by 8.3%.

The school holidays inspired young bakers as cake decorating sales rose by 20% with cooking chocolate up 17% and sales of icing up by an incredible 78%. The traditional Easter simnel cake is certainly experiencing a resurgence as marzipan sales shot up by a staggering 290%.

Sales of chocolate have naturally seen a huge rise this week, but seasonal confectionery for the same week before Easter last year has still seen a massive uplift with sales up 26%.

Healthier snack options are doing well, too, as dried snacking fruit sales leapt by 58%, prepared fruit sales grew by 13% and soft fruit sales were up 21%.

With the weekend's warmer weather picnic foods performed particularly well. Our 'Food to Go' range saw sales increase by 20%, including salads, up by 34%, and deli appetisers, up by 30%.

Gardeners headed outdoors, too, as our horticultural sales were up this week by an impressive 17%.

Our customers are preparing to welcome friends and family for Easter weekend as gammon sales increased by 12% and our service counter lamb sales leapt by more than 300%.

We opened our first branches in Swindon and Hove where sales exceeded expectations and we have seen another fantastic week of sales at our Welcome Break service station stores with sales up more than 31%. 
David Jones
Supply Chain Director, Waitrose

Sales figures for operations groups

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Operations groups Week 11 Up to week 11
Total sales (excl Petrol) 8.3 5.2
Group A 10.3 3.6
Group B 5.6 1.7
Group C 8.6 3.3
Group D 1.6 1.4
Group E 16.8 12.1
Group F 4.3 2.9
Group G 4.8 0.9
Group H 1.9 1.2
Group I 4.0 3.1
Group J 12.7 11.9
Group K 8.1 5.6
Group L 3.3 2.6
Group M 11.7 2.4
Group N 24.9 16.8
Convenience 19.2 23.5
Online Services 43.8 61.1
Total sales (incl Petrol) 7.5 4.3

Sales figures for buying

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Category Summary Week 11
Up to week 11
Ambient 8.9 1.8
Chilled, Fruit, Vegetables & Horticulture, Bakery 5.6 7.0
Meat, Fish, Frozen & Dairy 7.1 4.5