Weekly sales figures


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Waitrose weekly sales figures for last week (to 6 December 2014) published on Friday 12 December 2014

Managing Director: Mark Price
Retail Director: Rob Collins

Waitrose weekly sales graph

Week 19

2014-15 £139.35m
2013-14 £127.36m
2012-13 £126.34m


Percentage increase (excluding petrol)

Week 19 to 6 December 2013-14 9.6
19 weeks to 6 December 2013-14 5.9

Percentage increase (including petrol)

Week 19 to 6 December 2013-14 9.4
19 weeks to 6 December 2013-14 5.3
Week 19 to 6 December 2012-13 10.3
19 weeks to 6 December 2012-13 10.7

Strong trading as Christmas nears

This week's sales growth was the highest so far this financial year with the exception of Easter, with total sales (excluding petrol) 9.6% higher than last year. Waitrose.com sales were 25.5% up on the previous year, as customers started preparing for Christmas from the comfort of their own homes.

Black Friday helped to drive footfall into our shops, with record numbers of John Lewis Click & collect orders being delivered into Waitrose branches, up 75% on last year.

Sales last week from Waitrose Cellar – our online wine site – were up 40% compared to last year as customers stocked up for the festive season.

This was boosted by strong Cyber Monday sales, up 56% on last year, with one Waitrose Cellar order being taken every minute of that day. Mixed cases of wine had a record week on WaitroseCellar.com with sales up 40% and Christmas cases driving much of this performance.

It also appears that people are buying Christmas presents for their pets, with sales at our new specialist pet website, WaitrosePet, up 13% on last week.

Grocery Click & Collect is another strong area of growth, up an outstanding 318% on last year as people opted for time-saving ways to do their Christmas food shopping.

Online Waitrose delivery slots for the week of Christmas are also proving hugely popular, with – at the time of writing – 69% of delivery slots full for Sunday 21 December and 93% of delivery slots full for 22 December.

In addition, slots for Tuesday 23 December, known as the busiest day for Christmas shopping, and Christmas Eve were both 98% full.

Our shops are also doing well, with key seasonal items such as Christmas trees selling well. Festive decorations are up 103% on last year as customers prepared to deck the halls.

Mark Williamson
Commercial Director, Waitrose

Sales figures for operations groups

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Operations groups Week 19
Up to week 19
Total sales (excl Petrol) 9.6 5.9
Group A 12.3 6.8
Group B 9.5 5.2
Group C 8.4 2.1
Group D 3.6 1.1
Group E 8.6 6.5
Group F 4.2 2.0
Group G 11.1 5.7
Group H 2.1 -2.9
Group I 5.1 1.0
Group J 18.6 13.3
Group K 10.0 5.5
Group L 6.1 1.6
Group M 21.0 15.9
Group N 17.0 14.6
Convenience 34.0 27.1
Online Services 21.5 12.9
Total sales (incl Petrol) 9.4 5.3

Sales figures for buying

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Category Summary Week 19
Up to week 19
Ambient 12.0 5.7
Chilled, Fruit, Vegetables & Horticulture, Bakery 10.1 6.6
Meat, Fish, Frozen & Dairy 7.4 4.3