Weekly sales figures


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Waitrose weekly sales figures for last week (to 13 September 2014) published on Friday 19 September 2014

Managing Director: Mark Price
Retail Director: Rob Collins

Waitrose weekly sales graph

Week 7

2014-15 £118.84m
2013-14 £112.41m
2012-13 £106.62m


Percentage increase (excluding petrol)

Week 7 to 13 September 2013-14 6.5
7 weeks to 13 September 2013-14 6.1

Percentage increase (including petrol)

Week 7 to 13 September 2013-14 5.7
7 weeks to 13 September 2013-14 5.5
Week 7 to 13 September 2012-13 11.5
7 weeks to 13 September 2012-13 10.7

Ice cream enjoys a late boost

A week of major outdoor events and warmer weather helped drive shopping patterns with divisional sales (excluding petrol) up 6.5 per cent compared to last year.

Spectator events, such as the Proms – held at parks across the country – and the Invictus Games spurred sales of outdoor food and picnic staples.

Sales of our Good To Go range showed a 17.5% uplift. Demand for bottled water surged by almost a third, while fizzy drinks saw an 18% increase. Alfresco favourites such as quiche jumped 26%, while appetisers and dips saw 25% and 12% rises respectively.

With autumn on the horizon, customers' dining habits are changing with the weather rather than the season. As the sun came out so did the barbecues and we sold 4,000 more bags of charcoal than at this time last year. Our slow-cooked barbecue meats shot up 48% with demand for fish up 24%.

The weather propelled ice cream high up the shopping list, with sales up 25%, and soft fruit also saw demand surge 16%, with blueberries up 28%.

Our beer showcase shone the spotlight on ales and lagers from Britain and abroad, with world beers up a strong 123% and bottled ales up by 25%.

Customers were also out in their gardens, with our horticulture range seeing a 26% increase, while demand for bouquets from waitrosedirect.com also jumped by 31%.

The 2015 edition of the Waitrose Good Food Guide, now in its 64th year, also launched into all our supermarkets and is already in hot demand from customers.

Mark Williamson
Commercial Director, Waitrose

Sales figures for operations groups

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Operations groups Week 7
Up to week 7
Total sales (excl Petrol) 6.5 6.1
Group A 6.7 7.0
Group B 5.8 4.7
Group C 1.0 1.1
Group D 1.7 0.7
Group E 8.4 6.7
Group F 0.7 1.9
Group G 7.4 6.3
Group H -0.8 -2.5
Group I 1.4 1.5
Group J 15.6 13.8
Group K 8.3 7.2
Group L 1.8 1.9
Group M 14.0 13.2
Group N 17.6 17.1
Convenience 28.0 23.4
Online Services 9.1 15.9
Total sales (incl Petrol) 5.7 5.5

Sales figures for buying

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Category Summary Week 7
Up to week 7
Ambient 6.1 6.3
Chilled, Fruit, Vegetables & Horticulture, Bakery 6.9 5.0
Meat, Fish, Frozen & Dairy 6.0 5.1