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Waitrose weekly sales figures for last week (to 18 April 2015) published on Friday 24 April 2015

Managing Director: Mark Price
Retail Director: Rob Collins

Waitrose weekly sales graph


Week 11

2015-16 £121.73m
2014-15 £148.77m
2013-14 £115.22m


Percentage increase (excluding petrol)

Week 11 to 18 April 2014-15 -18.1
11 weeks to 18 April 2014-15 0.1

Percentage increase (including petrol)

Week 11 to 18 April 2014-15 -18.2
11 weeks to 18 April 2014-15
Week 11 to 18 April 2013-14
11 weeks to 18 April 2013-14 6.4


Sales of ice cream and suncare reflect the sunny weather

Last week saw our divisional sales, excluding petrol, fall by 18.1% compared with last year. Although it looks dramatic this isn't a meaningful number as the figures are completely distorted by the fall of Easter. Pre-Easter week - one of the busiest trading weeks of the year, including Good Friday and Easter Saturday - fell in the equivalent trading week last year.

The drag effect of food price deflation on fresh produce also continues to be apparent. To put this into context, the price of an iceberg lettuce this year is 60p compared to £1 last year, and a pack of mixed peppers now costs £1 compared to £1.75 a year ago.

However, a busy week of sporting activity - with the FA cup semi-final and the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday - did drive sales of quick and easy meals.

Sales of Charlie Bigham's ready meals soared by 86% and Waitrose classic Traditional British meals also saw a 20% increase. This also seemed to spur sales of the Waitrose food-to-go range, up 25% year on year, with sushi and salads up 40% and 64% respectively.

As the warm weather continued into the weekend, sales of sun care products sparkled with a 109% uplift and customers enjoyed refreshing ice creams.

Hand-held ices were up a mouthwatering 11%, driven by Waitrose Seriously Mini Italian Gelati Sticks and the Seriously Creamy Salted Caramel ice creams. Adult ice lollies also had an exceptional week, up 28% year-on-year, with Waitrose's new Coconut Water Lollies selling particularly well.

Shoppers appeared to be putting extra effort into their alfresco dinner parties - with lumpfish caviar, a popular choice for canapés, up 9% year-on-year.

The early signs of summer encouraged people to spruce up their homes, Sales of outdoor accessories jumped up by 83% and garden furniture sales were up 10%.

Helen Hyde
Personnel Director, Waitrose

Sales figures for operations groups

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2014-15.

Operations groups Week 11
Up to week 11
Total sales (excl Petrol) -18.1 0.1
Group A -22.6 1.5
Group B -21.5 -3.1
Group C -25.6 -3.7
Group D -12.2 -0.6
Group E -21.2 -3.3
Group F -4.2 -1.7
Group G -19.9 8.6
Group H -25.4 -6.1
Group I -23.1 -4.9
Group J -14.5 7.0
Group K -17.4 1.2
Group L -20.8 -0.9
Group M -18.1 9.5
Group N -24.6 0.1
Group P -20.8 -0.9
Convenience 28.3 28.2
Online Services -30.4 -19.9
Total sales (incl Petrol) -18.2 0.0

Sales figures for buying

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2014-15.

Category Summary Week 11
Up to week 11
Ambient -24.0 1.1
Chilled, Fruit, Vegetables & Horticulture, Bakery -11.0 0.9
Meat, Fish, Frozen & Dairy -20.7 -2.2
Home & Leisure (inc newspapers) -11.1 -2.4