Weekly sales figures


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Waitrose weekly sales figures for last week (to 18 October 2014) published on Friday 24 October 2014

Managing Director: Mark Price
Retail Director: Rob Collins

Waitrose weekly sales graph

Week 12

2014-15 £120.50m
2013-14 £116.87m
2012-13 £108.96m


Percentage increase (excluding petrol)

Week 12 to 18 October 2013-14 3.9
12 weeks to 18 October 2013-14 6.4

Percentage increase (including petrol)

Week 12 to 18 October 2013-14 3.1
12 weeks to 18 October 2013-14 5.7
Week 12 to 18 October 2012-13 10.6
12 weeks to 18 October 2012-13 11.1

Customers gear up for Halloween

The preparation for Halloween and half-term school holidays drove a good performance across a wide range of categories and divisional sales (excluding petrol) increased by 3.9%.

Shoppers were gearing up earlier than ever for Halloween with sales of seasonal decorations and confectionery already up 40% and 10% year on year respectively.

Sales of apples also increased as people got ready to play traditional Halloween games such as bobbing for apples, up 10% compared to last year.

As the weather turned more autumnal, comforting prepared meals also proved popular, with sales of Indian ready meals increasing by 20% while 'Ready to Cook' increased by 40%. Pizza also saw positive sales uplifts, up 14.5% compared to last year. Meanwhile, customers seeking a healthier alternative opted for the Waitrose 'Love Life you count' range which was up 56%.

Perhaps in anticipation for guests visiting during the half-term school holidays, shoppers made cleaning a priority, with sales of washing up liquid up 33%. Soap also saw an increase in sales, up 23%, while Air Care sales increased by 27% compared to last year.

Days out are also on the cards for half-term as shoppers bought for packed lunches. Sales of prepared fruit increased by 27%, while pre-packed cheese and low fat crisps increased by 4.5% and 7% respectively.

Last week also saw our newly redeveloped branch in Dorking open on Thursday and the launch of our first Click & Collect lockers on the transport network.

Mark Williamson
Commercial Director, Waitrose

Sales figures for operations groups

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Operations groups Week 12
Up to week 12
Total sales (excl Petrol) 3.9 6.4
Group A 6.0 7.2
Group B 3.2 5.1
Group C -1.9 1.4
Group D 1.3 1.2
Group E 4.4 7.0
Group F 0.9 2.1
Group G 2.0 6.3
Group H -5.8 -2.3
Group I -1.1 1.6
Group J 12.7 14.4
Group K 2.0 7.1
Group L -0.3 2.2
Group M 18.4 14.3
Group N 10.1 16.5
Convenience 27.8 24.9
Online Services 14.0 17.7
Total sales (incl Petrol) 3.1 5.7

Sales figures for buying

The below figures are based on percentage increase on 2013-14.

Category Summary Week 12
Up to week 12
Ambient 3.7 6.2
Chilled, Fruit, Vegetables & Horticulture, Bakery 7.0 6.1
Meat, Fish, Frozen & Dairy 0.5 5.2