Waitrose lamb supplier in field with sheep

Source and sell with integrity

We source 380,000 products from over 90 countries. We recognise that growing pressure on global supply chains, the people who work in them and the natural environment, are likely to make our costs more volatile and impact the stability of our supply. Changes in society - such as growing public health pressures - will also require us to respond to ever more complex needs in our product offer if we are to attract and retain valued customers.

Our aims and how these support the business plan

  • We strive to build customer confidence in the products and services we sell and the way we sell them.  We want to help customers make positive choices about their health. We want to know where and how products have been grown, sourced or made and who made them.

  • We want to contribute to a better understanding within the industry of how a broad range of systemic supply chain issues can be tackled collectively.  We are doing this through our active membership of a number of business-led forums and sector-led groups. 

What we are doing

  • We support our suppliers to ensure they safeguard human rights, promote decent working conditions and source materials that meet the highest possible standards.
  • At Waitrose, food safety is a priority and we actively develop our assortment to support better diets. Through information, support and advice Waitrose aims to inspire customers to make healthy decisions.