The 4Ps

Performance, Productivity, Pay and Progression have to work in harmony to create a compelling and sustainable way forward for the Partnership. This manifesto describes commitments to help us individually and as an organisation be more dynamic, effective and agile.


Our overall objective is to create better jobs, better performing Partners and better pay. In order to track how we are progressing on this ambition we will use three overarching indicators.

Better Jobs
Better performing Partners
Better Pay
We create meaningful and valued roles that offer the scope for Partners to contribute more and to earn more.                 
We continue to develop Partners’performance in ways that are valued by customers and reflect their responsibility as co-owners. We increase the pay of individual Partners in line with their contribution to creating value.              


At a more practical level, over the next three years we have developed a set of goals we will use to track our momentum against the 4Ps manifesto.

  • Increased proportion of Partners rated as ‘Outstanding’
  • No Partner ‘Developing’ or ‘Underperforming’ for more than a year.
  • Improvement in Partner productivity.
  • Better pay.
  • Increase diversity
  • Increase proportion of Partners moving into a new role either across or up in the Partnership.