Our business's longer-term financial health is reliant on increased productivity.

We will...

Partner smiling

Inspire Partners to get involved in continuous improvement (CI) initiatives

Build our CI expertise through projects targeted at improving all types of productivity. Encourage sharing and 'storytelling' to foster passion for improvements beneficial to the Partnership.

Embrace technology that enhances productivity

New technology will lead to greater efficiencies and changes in hours, skills and roles required. We will need fewer Partners, will be more productive and so can pay Partners more. Partners to be helped to embrace new skills/opportunities.

We will review how we're organised and look for ways to work more efficiently

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Encourage truly flexible and curious Partners

Partners will be expected to work in different areas at different times and learn new skills that add value. Policies, processes and ways of working to be reviewed to enable greater flexibility.

Review our approach to sick absence

We understand Partners will sometimes need time off of work to help recover from illnesses but need to review how we handle absence from work holistically.

Review our working patterns and mix of part-time and longer‑hours Partners

Ensure Partners’ hours are more closely aligned with shopping patterns and stock handling peaks. Aim to avoid over-reliance on short-hours Partners and give opportunity to others to work more flexibly, while giving Partners the number of contracted hours they want.

Progress so far

Productivity has become one of the main themes of It’s Your Business 2028. Within the context of the 4Ps, we see Productivity as pivotal to the Partnership’s longer-term financial health, as well as to increasing Partner pay.  In 2015, we have also been reviewing a number of key policies including ‘Sick Absence’, as well as those that have a direct impact on our ability to operate flexibly, such as Secondment Terms and Conditions and Expenses, Contracts of Employment, Domestic Relocation and Expenses and Recruitment Guidance. Our Partner handbook is now reviewed yearly and only published on the intranet – the 2016 version is now available. In addition, we have created a new policy update page has been created to ensure transparency for the business on changes that happen throughout the year.

Partner survey

Our annual Partner Survey results suggest that Partner Advocacy remains high at 92%. This statistic is pivotal to the success of our business and will prove even more important as we embark on our journey towards 2028. Further, 81% of Partners understand how their work contributes to the success of the Partnership.