We're co-owned: shouldn't our performance be the best?

We will...

Partner in store

Be bolder in creating the conditions for outstanding performance

Only 2% of Partners are currently rated ‘Outstanding’ – our aim is to see more Partners truly rewarded for outstanding performance.

Become more confident to deal with underperformance decisively

Make it easier for managers to have meaningful performance conversations with their teams. Processes, policies, advice and learning tools to be reviewed, enabling line managers and Partners to have honest conversations with confidence, with ‘on the spot’ feedback in the longer term.

Partner smiling

Embed robust performance management process

Make it easier for managers to record appraisal ratings as well as introducing a ‘zero tolerance’approach to appraisals that are overdue. Every Partner to know how to improve their performance and encouraged to stretch to better levels of performance, resulting in more differentiation across pay ranges.

Raise the value of membership by earning it

New joiners to have a ‘meaningful’ probationary period – measured not just through time served but linked to a defined performance bar, set at achieving ‘Good’ in both the How and the What. We will introduce peer input to our performance reviews at all levels. Aim is to experiment with peer review contributing to performance reviews at all stages and levels.

Progress so far

In the Partnership, pay is managed in line with our policy as set out in Rule 61 and Rule 62 of our Constitution. We believe that our approach to pay and benefits is a real area of differentiation. Our co-ownership model includes a Partnership Bonus which is unique to the market. In addition, we offer a range of other benefits. 92% of Partners say they value the range of benefits available to them. Pay for Performance, now in its second year, has been instrumental in developing our successful ownership culture and reflecting our Constitutional Principles to reward Partners fairly based on their contribution.

National Living Wage

As a result of the National Living Wage announcement made in the summer of 2015, we have made significant changes to pay ranges, with those closest to the National Living Wage changing most significantly. These changes came into effect on 1 April 2016. In the long-term, and as outlined in the '4Ps: A manifesto for change', the National Living Wage will raise the base pay of most of our Partners. If we want to maintain our position as a market-leading retailer with a differentiated total reward approach we must be proactive. It would undermine our performance and pay principle if we found ourselves in a position where most of our Partners were paid the same regardless of their individual performance, skills and/or achievements.

Performance guidance

To enable us to continue to invest in our best performing Partners, we have simplified and refreshed our performance guidance in line with feedback from Partners and line managers. We have removed steps from the process to make it more streamlined and easy to use. At Waitrose, we have implemented 'Let's Talk, Not Type'. This encourages on-the-spot feedback between line managers and Partners, reducing the amount of time line managers spend on administering appraisals. As a result, 61% of Partners surveyed felt they could complete more appraisals than expected. 84% felt they spent less time on the administrative process.