Health and Wellbeing

Our Founder John Spedan Lewis fostered a culture which put the health and wellbeing of Partners at the heart of our organisation.

Partner volunteering

Reviewing our proposition

Our Founder understood that as well as our physical and financial wellbeing, our working relationships, empowerment, being heard, access to knowledge and learning, and our contribution in the local community are all factors that influence our wellbeing.

We support Partners through a number of programmes, benefits and services, to ensure their financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing. Through Partnership Health Services we provide Partners with accessible, occupation focussed services.

In 2016, we will review and strengthen our proposition. Our aim is to empower Partners to look after their health and wellbeing, providing the right working environment and support as needed.

Tracey Killen, Director of Personnel

Time to Change Pledge

On World Mental Health Day 2016, we signed the 'Employer Pledge' of the Time to Change campaign, as part of our commitment to create an environment where we can be open about mental health. Time to Change is England's largest programme aimed at changing public attitudes about mental health. It aims to empower people to challenge stigma and speak openly about their own mental health experiences, as well as changing the attitudes and behaviours towards people with mental health problems.

Our pledge covers seven principles which include raising awareness about mental health and and equipping line managers to have the right conversations. The commitments we are making to Time to Change build on the work and existing culture of support in the Partnership. In October 2016 for example we are changing the way psychological services are delivered in order to improve user experience.

Tracey Killen, Director of Personnel, says 'We have always believed that the wellbeing and happiness of our Partners is inextricably linked to the success of our business. By signing the Employer Pledge, as part of 'Time to Change' we want to demonstrate that commitment, building on the existing support we give to Partners, by further raising awareness of mental health, investing in our line manager training and encouraging our Partners to talk openly about this important subject.'