Our Environment

'The Partnership must take all reasonable steps to minimise any detrimental effect its operations may have on the environment, and to promote good environmental practice.'

The John Lewis Partnership Constitution Rule 109

A John Lewis eco lorry

The potential impacts that the Partnership can have on the environment range from the direct impacts of our estate to the indirect impacts of our suppliers and customers - so we need to think carefully about how we can carry on growing, whilst minimising our direct negative environmental impacts and continuing to ensure we source products from sustainable sources.


2015 is set to be a vital year in addressing the challenge of climate change as world leaders work towards ratifying a new international climate change agreement in December. Business will be integral to helping to achieve these ambitions.  For the Partnership, tackling climate change matters both in terms of how we reduce our carbon emissions and how climate change in the future will impact our business. 

Our Priorities

  • Maintain our focus on managing our operational emissions and continue to assess our estate under the BREEAM scheme, and deliver these against our Responsible Development Framework tool.
  • Waitrose will continue to roll out more efficient refrigeration and John Lewis will continue to roll out LED replacements across our existing estate.
  • Continue research and development into less proven technologies, such as biofuel, combined heat and power and energy from waste schemes.
  • Roll out a refreshed waste and water strategy.
  • To ensure we are driving and measuring our progress in the right areas, we will identify and establish key indicators which we will start reporting against in 2016.

To find out how we are managing our operational footprint follow the links below:

Download a summary of our targets (PDF 202KB) and full environmental data.

2014 highlights and performance

•   15% CO2e reduction in Partnership emissions since 2010 (tonnes CO2e per £m sales)

•     96.45% waste diverted from landfill

•    Installed circa 72,000 LED light fittings across the estate by November 2014

•    We now have BREEAM certification for sustainable store design at eight department stores. We are the first department store in the world to receive 'Outstanding' certification in 2014 for John Lewis York