Healthy Lifestyles

An ageing population, and lifestyle factors such as rising obesity, will place greater strain on our social and health care systems over the coming decade.  At Waitrose, we actively develop food and drink products that help consumers meet diet and health requirements as part of an overall balanced intake.  We also provide customers with the information they need to make improvements to their diet. 

In 2015 we focused on developing a robust health product strategy to help us meet our customers' diet and health requirements within the context of an overall balanced intake. At the same time we aim to ensure that we are communicating the benefits more clearly to customers through our publications, on line and on products.

Waitrose cereal

Driving Nutritional Improvements

Our nutrition strategy continues to focus on reformulation and while we remain focused on calories and saturated fat our emphasis in 2015 has been on sugar reduction. Categories such as carbonated drinks and cordials followed our work on chilled juices and efforts are now being directed at breakfast cereals, yogurts and bakery.  For example in 2016 we aim to reduce sugar in own brand cereal including cornflakes, honey nut cornflakes and choco pops.

Living Well Slimming Club 

Responding to customer demand for dietary advice, in 2015 our qualified nutritionists ran an eight week slimming club trial at our local store in Bracknell. This was open to both Partners and customers. Of the 20 people recruited 17 completed the course with a total weight loss of 55kg (122lbs).  The trial has been fully evaluated and we plan to test an online version in 2017 to reach more customers in a flexible way that suits their needs.

Plate of fish

Making Shopping Easier

Online and in store, we provide practical help and advice and run campaigns throughout the year to promote healthy choices.  Dietary advice for customers with particular needs remains central to our nutrition advice service. 

Being diagnosed with a condition such as coeliac disease or diabetes can lead to confusion about which products are suitable to eat.  We invite groups of customers with specific health needs along with healthcare professionals to use our stores for interactive advice sessions.  Guided shopping to support special diets is particularly popular we have created an accompanying resource pack for coeliac disease, diabetes and heart health.  These include easy-to-use shopping lists for these conditions.

During HEART UK National Cholesterol month in October, we created a short video in collaboration with Alpro and HEART UK.  This offered practical help and advice about lowering cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart.

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