Our Customers

Our Customers

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour – driven by technology and rising disposable incomes.  While outstanding value, choice and service continue to be at the heart of our customer offer, we know that in a competitive marketplace, loyalty will depend on a number of increasingly complex factors.

In practice this means that our technical teams maintain rigorous product safety processes and food standards, while Waitrose’s dedicated nutrition team works with suppliers to improve the nutritional value of the food we sell and to encourage and enable customers to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Jules Payne, HEART UK

'By hosting the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© shopping tour on both the Waitrose and HEART UK websites we were able to reach far more people than either of us could do alone, with some great simple heart healthy advice.  We relished working with Waitrose and Alpro to develop this great resource for shoppers.'

Jules Payne, Chief Executive, HEART UK

See Healthy Lifestyles for more detail.

The profile of our customers and their experience of our business is likely to change.  Find out more in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Report & Accounts

Highlights 2015/16

  • Focused on lowering sugar content of soft drinks
  • Trialled slimming club for customers and Partners
  • Introduced guided shopping experiences to support special diets
  • Improved children’s fancy dress clothing safety standards for the industry with the British Retail Consortium
  • Invested in research to combat the Campylobacter bacteria.


  • Developing our health product strategy
  • Reformulating breakfast cereals, yoghurts and bakery to lower sugar content
  • Promoting continuous improvement to safety standards through our quality and technical working groups