Donation policy

The Partnership favours charities in which Partners are personally involved or where we can make a real difference to our local communities. Areas we particularly support include care for the sick and the disabled; youth and children; care and housing for the elderly; medical research; and welfare and counselling services. We do not give money to individuals, religious, ethnic or political groups or third-party fundraising. With all the donations we make, the Partnership aims to be a responsible member of the local community.

Contact us

If you have a cause you think we could support, contact the Waitrose champion for community giving at your local branch ( or the John Lewis Community Liaison Coordinator at your local branch ( As we are contacted by so many organisations throughout the year, we cannot always give you a swift reply, but we will reply as soon as possible if we can help.

Partner involvement

The Partnership has set up a Give As You Earn scheme with Sharing the Caring, the professional fundraising arm of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). This enables Partners to make tax-free donations directly from their pay to any registered charity in the UK as well as HM Revenue and Customs' recognised charitable organisations. Partners can choose when, how and how much they donate their money to a charity or charities of their choice.