Health and wellbeing

Our Founder John Spedan Lewis fostered a culture which put the health and wellbeing of Partners at the heart of our organisation.

Two Waitrose Partners side by side with fruit section in background

Reviewing our proposition

Since the Partnership was founded, we believe that the financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing support we provide to Partners has made us an employer of distinction.

In 2017, we will review and strengthen our wellbeing proposition to align it with the changing profile of our workforce and its needs. Our ultimate goal is to influence Partners to change their behaviours in order to lead healthier lifestyles. We want to help Partners flourish as individuals by providing them with the right working environment as well as support and education as needed. Part of this approach will be empowering Partners across the country to undertake their own tailored initiatives.

Mental health

Partnership Health Services provides specific medical advice in relation to Partners' health, their work environment and the impact this has on their productivity. It also provides specialist support, including physiotherapy and podiatry. It also provides support for mental health which we believe underpins wellbeing.

'We have always believed that the wellbeing and happiness of our Partners is inextricably linked to the success of our business.'
Tracey Killen, Director of Personnel

The Partnership has made a pledge to join the 'Time to Change' campaign as part of its commitment to supporting mental health. This is a programme that aims to change public attitudes about mental health by encouraging others to challenge stigmas and talk openly about their own mental health experiences. We aim to build on the services we already offer through functions such as Partnership Health Services and Partner Support in Registry, services which provide confidential health and emotional support for Partners.

Tracey Killen, Director of Personnel, says 'We have always believed that the wellbeing and happiness of our Partners is inextricably linked to the success of our business. By signing the Employer Pledge, as part of 'Time to Change' we want to demonstrate that commitment, building on the existing support we give to Partners, by further raising awareness of mental health, investing in our line manager training and encouraging our Partners to talk openly about this important subject.'

Partnership Health Services also introduced a new approach to psychological service delivery during 2016 by moving to one national provider, Rehab Works, which offers a range of counselling and cognitive behavioural therapies based on each Partner's needs.