Narumi Bingham, a Partner and selling assistant

Be the happiest, healthiest retailer

The profile of the UK population is changing and so, too, is the workplace. We are now seeing more generations and more diversity in the workplace than ever before. People have a broader spectrum of needs as and as public health services face increased pressure. Businesses that take steps to promote wellbeing are more likely to have staff who are engaged, loyal, productive and less likely to take time off sick. Find out more about our ambitions for 'Better Jobs for Better Performing Partners on Better Pay' in the Annual Report and Accounts 2017 (PDF 10.4MB).


On World Mental Health Day 2016, we signed the 'Employer Pledge' of the Time to Change campaign.

Our aims and how these support the business plan

Given the changes we are seeing in the makeup of our workplace, we need to adapt our offer to ensure it remains fit for purpose. We aim to support the happiness of Partners by promoting financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing and supporting Partners in finding meaning in their work. This in turn will lead to better performing Partners who are better able to perform their roles and are more productive and engaged in their work.

What we are doing

  • The Partnership offers some of the best opportunities for people to get into work and get on in life. We aim to provide meaningful jobs with better pay and return value in the form of rewards, wellbeing, skills and opportunities. This goes to the heart of the purpose of the Partnership.


  • In 2017, we will review and strengthen our wellbeing proposition. Our aim is to empower Partners to look after their health and wellbeing, providing the right working environment and support as needed.