The Partnership has an overriding aim to stop all types of waste. In fact, we consider waste materials we generate to be valuable resources. We are committed to working with our supply chain to explore opportunities to reduce waste and 'close the loop' on our waste material. We also want to increase reuse services for products when they reach the end of their useful life.



Divert 100% of waste from landfill by end 2020/21

98.2%* was diverted in the 7 months to July 20161

75% operational waste to be recycled by year end 2020/21

67.2%* was recycled in the 7 months to July 20161

100% closed-loop recycling of cardboard, plastic & glass by year end 2020/21

We continue to look for opportunities to increase the use of recycled materials in our buildings and operations, and, where possible, to make this a closed-loop solution.   

15% reduction in Waitrose organic matter waste (vs 2014/15 baseline) by 2020/21 13.9%* compared to the first 7 months of 2014/151

1This covers the period 1 January 2016 - 31 July 2016 due to a changeover in waste contractor during the year. We are working with the new contractor to develop accurate and robust waste reporting.

*We engaged KPMG LLP to undertake an independent limited assurance engagement, reporting to the Partnership, over selected information.

Our policy on food waste

We want all of our food to be eaten - either by our customers, our Partners, or local communities. Where this is not achievable, as a last resort, food and other organic matter waste (including horticultural waste and spent coffee grinds) is sent to generate energy through anaerobic digestion. This has been our policy since 2012 and we aim to reduce this waste stream by 15% by the end of 2020/21. We are pleased that this year we have reduced the volume of this waste stream by 5.4%1 and by 13.9%1* since 2014.

We have achieved this through better stock management and training, price reductions and improved data and waste management practices. Our enhanced Partner shopping offer also now includes initiatives such as providing Partners and discount card holders with an additional 25% off items on their last day of life.

We were one of the founding signatories of the Courtauld Commitment and continue to work closely with Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to identify ways to reduce food waste and meet industry targets.

Distributing surplus

We want all our stores and depots to have an arrangement in place with local organisations, such as a charity or social enterprise, to donate food before it goes past its use-by date. Our preference is first to donate for human consumption and then for animal consumption. In 2016 we donated £1,445,088 worth of surplus food to local charities and social enterprises. To expand this further, we have developed a relationship with FareShare Foodcloud to increase the proportion of surplus food that can be redistributed.   

*We engaged KPMG LLP to undertake an independent limited assurance engagement, reporting to the Partnership, over selected information.