The Golden Jubilee Trust

Since 2000 our Golden Jubilee Trust scheme has enabled Partners to apply for a secondment to work with a charity of their choice for up to six months full time on full pay.

Group of Partners who volunteered through the Golden Jubilee Trust Scheme at a celebration with the Chairman, Charlie Mayfield

Understanding impact

In 2016/17 44 Partners took part in the scheme and since it launched, over 750 charities have been awarded over 312,000 hours* of Partner time. In that time, it has not only provided charities with the skills and resources that they may not have otherwise had access to, but in turn it has provided Partners with an exceptional opportunity for personal growth.

To help us to understand the value and impact of secondments we surveyed Partners and charities about the experience. 100% of Partner respondents said that the biggest impact on their skills immediately after the secondment was their increased ability to adapt to challenging and new situations and 91% of charities reported that, a year after the secondment was completed, the volunteer's contribution resulted in a positive impact for the community.

*We engaged KPMG LLP to undertake an independent limited assurance engagement, reporting to the Partnership, over selected information.

'The project I'm most proud of during my Golden Jubilee Trust secondment was developing a bag-for-life that could be sold in all Waitrose stores during Breast Cancer Awareness month.'
Victoria Welinder, Home Development Manager, Waitrose

Victoria Welinder, a Home Development Manager at Waitrose was awarded a Golden Jubilee Trust secondment, giving her the opportunity to work with charity Breast Cancer Haven for six months. This opportunity was particularly poignant for Victoria, she says, as it followed her personal breast cancer recovery and Breast Cancer Haven had been her place of 'solace and serenity' during her illness. She describes 2016 as an 'amazing year'. 'The project I'm most proud of during my Golden Jubilee Trust secondment was developing a bag-for-life that could be sold in all Waitrose stores during Breast Cancer Awareness month. It was a brilliant project that will overall donate about £30,000 to the charity, but crucially delivered national awareness of a small charity.'

Victoria returned to her role at Waitrose in July 2016, with experience in 'setting direction and vision'. 'Working on the bag-for-life, and developing the charity's social media strategy, really gave me the opportunity to develop something from an infancy of an idea,' she says. 'This gave me a fresh perspective when approaching projects when I returned to work, such as the bespoke hamper service that we offered in a few stores at Christmas.'

Baaba Sow, a Partner, Section Manager and Golden Jubilee Trust volunteer

Baaba Sow joined the Partnership in 1998 and he works as a Section Manager in the Fitted Kitchens department at John Lewis Cribbs Causeway. He's originally from Senegal in west Africa and in 2016 he was awarded a Golden Jubilee Trust secondment, enabling him to spend three days each week, for six months, working with charity African Initiatives while still receiving his pay and benefits.

'The Partnership has given me opportunities that I probably would not have had if I'd worked anywhere else,' he says. 'The Golden Jubilee was a lifetime opportunity in terms of looking back at my background - I was able to help people from the countries that I come from. Help kids develop themselves and fulfil their ambitions. I've enjoyed every minute.'

Over the last six months Baaba has been working as an ambassador for the charity, pitching to businesses and helping develop fruitful funding streams, 'deploying the skills', he says, he acquired in the Partnership. 'Being able to interact with various people of various backgrounds, and do a presentation and convince listeners - all of those skills I've practised in the Partnership.'

'I've been a Partner for 19 years and I want to continue to work for the Partnership because I work for a business that gives people opportunities. Whatever you want to do, the Partnership can give you the opportunity to realise it.'