Partnership Board Committees

The Partnership Board is aided in carrying out its supervisory and assurance responsibilities by its Chairman's Nominations, Audit and Risk, and Remuneration committees.

Chairman's Nominations Committee

The Chairman's Nominations Committee operates in accordance with terms of reference (PDF 23KB).

The Committee's responsibilities are to support the Chairman in ensuring that:

  • There are strong succession plans in place for the Partnership Board
  • There is necessary breadth of talent within the Partnership to provide the skills and expertise needed on the Partnership Board in the future
  • There is a robust process for making appointments to the Partnership Board.


Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee operates in accordance with terms of reference (PDF 24KB).

The Committee is responsible to the Board for the oversight of:

  • the integrity of the Partnership's Annual Report and Accounts, and other formal announcements relating to the Partnership's financial performance
  • external audit activities
  • internal audit activities
  • the Partnership's systems of risk management and internal control including an annual review of the effectiveness of their processes.


Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Responsibility Committee operates in accordance with terms of reference (PDF 20KB)

The role of the Committee on behalf of the Partnership Board is to:

  • Oversee and make recommendations to the Board in respect of the Partnership's Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy and objectives
  • Monitor performance against the Partnership's CR Policy
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the management of the Partnership's CR obligations and risks
  • Review the effectiveness of the Partnership's procedures for maintaining and safeguarding the Partnership's corporate reputation, including its crisis response procedures
  • Review and endorse the Partnership's CR report.


Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee operates in accordance with terms of reference (PDF 19KB).

  • The Remuneration Committee has oversight of the application of the pay policy, including Rule 61 and Rule 62, to executive remuneration for the Chairman, Executive Directors, Senior Managers who report to the Chairman, Non-Executive Directors and the Partners' Counsellor
  • The policy aims to attract, retain and motivate executive management of the quality required to run the Partnership successfully without paying more than is necessary and informed by market rate information.