The Chairman has personal responsibility for ensuring that the Partnership retains its distinctive character and democratic vitality.
Sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairman
Sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairman

The Partnership Board delegates management of the Partnership's business to the Chairman and he is ultimately responsible for the Partnership's commercial performance. He is the Chairman of the Partnership Board, by virtue of his appointment as Chairman of the Trust Company. He is also responsible for the leadership of the Partnership Board and ensuring its effectiveness on all aspects of its role.

The Chairman's role and responsibilities are defined in the Constitution. His democratic and commercial roles come together when he appears twice a year at the Partnership Council to report on the performance of the trading divisions and on responses to the annual Your Voice survey, to set out strategic goals and to answer questions from elected representatives.

The Chairman is supported in his Executive role by the Executive Team, which comprises the Chairman and the Appointed Directors of the Partnership. The Executive Team is a decision-making body whose purpose is to decide the Partnership's strategic direction, ensure that strategic intent is achieved, make clear agreements on trade-offs and inspire alignment.

About Sir Charlie Mayfield

Sir Charlie Mayfield became the Partnership's fifth Chairman in March 2007. He joined the Partnership in 2000 as Head of Business Development, responsible for business strategy and development for both John Lewis and Waitrose.

Sir Charlie joined the Board as Development Director in 2001 and was responsible for developing the Partnership's online strategy. He became Managing Director of John Lewis in January 2005 prior to taking up his appointment as Chairman of the Partnership in March 2007.

Sir Charlie began his career as an officer in the army. He joined SmithKline Beecham in 1992 and became Marketing Manager for the Lucozade brand, before moving to McKinsey & Co in 1996. Sir Charlie was the Government appointed Chair of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills from 2010 to 2016. He is President of the Employee Ownership Association, a Director of Central Surrey Health Trustee Limited and is non-executive Chairman of QA Group, an IT and business skills training and education provider and was appointed by the Prime Minister as a Trustee of the British Museum for a term of four years, commencing 1 June 2018 and is a member of the Industrial Strategy Council.