Democratic bodies

All Partners have a say in how we run the business and this is set out in our Constitution.
Councillors debate at tables
The Partnership Council has the power to discuss any matter whatsoever

We have a set of councils and committees (described below) that feeds Partners' opinions back to our main democratic body, the Partnership Council, the Partnership Board and the Chairman.

Divisional councils

John Lewis and Waitrose have divisional councils which are elected every three years. Partners vote in constituencies that are decided by the three Trustees of the Constitution. Councillors are elected to represent Partner opinion, but not to act as delegates of their constituents. Their responsibility is to exercise their judgement for the best interests of the Partnership as a whole, not to promote sectional interests.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed.

Local Democracy

Each selling branch has a PartnerVoice. This is the local avenue for Partner opinion and is the means by which Partners can provide feedback, question management on branch matters, raise their own issues and be consulted.

Similar arrangements apply for the head offices and distribution in each Division, for the production unit, for Leckford, Group and the Clubs, taking account of their particular circumstances. Partners also elect regional Forums who channel Partner opinion from PartnerVoice to Divisional Councils.

Represents Partners: Partnership Council
Divisional Councils: Waitrose
John Lewis
Regional channels from
PartnerVoice to
Divisional Councils:
Divisional Forums    
Gathering Partner
Division: Waitrose John Lewis    Group