Our strategy

In 2028, it will be 100 years since Spedan Lewis wrote the first constitution. As a co-owned business, it is our responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Partnership which is why we have created a business strategy that will take us to 2028.

Our Partnership strategy has three strands which define what good looks like as we progress towards 2028:

Stronger brands and new growth

  • Improving our offer and experience for customers
  • Building new business in high growth areas
  • Continuing to grow market share.

Better jobs, better performing Partners, better pay

  • Improving productivity, increasing the sales and profit we can make per Partner
  • Achieving higher job satisfaction, as Partners enjoy and contribute more in their roles
  • Partners receiving above market pay, because they achieve above market performance.

Financial sustainability

  • Improving profitability so that we can invest more in Partners and customers
  • Building our financial strength so we are resilient and can take advantage of commercial opportunities.