As part of our commitment to increase access to our collections and provide information on the history of one of the country's leading retail organisations, the Heritage Services team have designed a series of websites designed to enable everyone to learn more about retailing in general and our business in particular.

Community archive websites

From a social history site with resources for school children, to a site with a complete list of Waitrose branches and stories by those working in them, these resources provide a unique insight into the businesses which make up the John Lewis Partnership.

We hope you will enjoy not only reading what others have added but also by contributing yourself to ensure we capture the essence and culture of John Lewis, Waitrose and the wider business.

Vintage record player

Memory Store

Initially designed for school children at key stages 2 & 3 this social history site has also been used as an aid for those with memory related illnesses.

Our Memory Store website  brings to life in words and pictures a very special story. It's the story of how the lives of ordinary people have changed over the past hundred years and the way they have equipped themselves and their homes to meet their changing needs and expectations.

Photo from the Partnership Memory Store

John Lewis Partnership Memory Store

The John Lewis Partnership Memory Store is free for anyone to join and is a community initiative created and run by the Heritage Centre team.  It sits alongside our first Memory Store but gives more detail about specific areas of our businesses, Partners, events and activities in our branches, manufacturing units, distribution and amenity centres.

Compiled by a group of retired Partners at our Heritage Centre in Cookham, this project catalogues and displays photos, reminiscences and interviews with those who remember the business in days gone by. The site illustrates what we have already collected and will, we hope, encourage everyone from Partners to customers to enter their own comments and images about the shops and other areas of the business which will become a valuable part of the history of tomorrow.

The site will build into a useful community resource which can be used by anyone with an interest in our shops or the Partners who work there. Written memories or photographs can be simply added to the site and there is also the facility to add a comment letting others know why it is something special to you.

With easy to follow instructions it is simple to add your comments or great fun just to browse through the pages that are already on the site.

John Lewis delivery van

John Lewis Memory Store

Created to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first John Lewis shop, this resource has grown to provide information on all John Lewis branches past and present.  With images, reminiscences and stories about various aspects of the John Lewis business this website enables Partners, retired Partners and our customers to record their memories for the future and show how the fast-moving retail landscape has changed over the last 2 centuries. From horse-drawn deliveries to Click and Collect, the way department stores have adapted to customer requirements and places where these changes took place can be found on the John Lewis Memory Store website 

Waitrose packaging

Waitrose Memory Store

Waitrose joined the John Lewis Partnership on 1 October 1937. In those days grocery retailing was totally different to the way we shop today. The Waitrose Memory Store shows more about our food business both as it was and as it continues to grow today by providing a place to record its development through recording its people, places and events.

The material which has been entered on to the site is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope many more Partners, retired Partners and customers will help us to build a living picture of this division of the business both as it was in years gone by and as it develops in the 21st century.