The Partnership's Business Archive includes statutory records such as minutes, accounting and share records, photographs, advertising, title deeds, oral interviews, maps and plans - in fact almost anything which throws light upon the history of the Partnership, or the pre-Partnership history of individual branches.

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The Cummersdale Design Collection exhibition

This remarkable exhibition displays the art work of many of the 19th and 20th century textiles printed at the Stead McAlpin factory near Carlisle with designs housed in a purpose-built gallery.

The Cummersdale Design Collection consists of 25,000 designs which provide a unique resource reflecting the changing trends in textile design, from the floral works, associated with the Bannister Hall collection, to the geometric designs of the later 20th century, created by some of the leading designers in this field.

Stead McAlpin was acquired by the Partnership in 1965 as a base for the production of its own designs created by Cavendish Textiles, and also as a commission printer for external contracts. The factory remained part of the Partnership until September 2007.

In July 2012 the collection was removed from the factory. It is now located in the Partnership's Heritage Centre at Odney Lane, Cookham where this historic record of textile design is available to researchers and designers, who are welcome to visit the archive to discuss their requirements with our experienced team.